The Bachelorette Des: Weeks 4&5 Recap

WHY has this season of The Bachelorette been so terrible?? I’ve never been so disappointed in this show before. I never liked Desiree on Sean’s season, and she’s been boring as the Bachelorette.

Anyway, after week 4, which I wrote off as the worst episode ever (and chose not to blog about), last night was week 5, which was another horrible one! Since it seems that it’s just a bad season, I’ll continue on with the recaps, knowing that this is the best I’m going to get.

As a reminder, the remaining men on my  “fantasy Bachelor” team going into week 4 were:





Juan Pablo





Zak W., and


Mikey T.

To briefly re-hash week 4/the worst episode ever…

One-on-one #1.

172x96Brad (the single father who had previously told an incredibly sketchy story in which he was slapped with a restraining order keeping him away from the mother of his child) went on a date with Des, during which they played games on the boardwalk of Atlantic City in the off-season, so it was freezing and deserted. It was awkward to watch, as they never made eye contact and he flat-out avoided answering some of her questions. Then they went to a lighthouse for dinner, where there was more awkward conversation in between long spells of silence. They walked up to the top of the lighthouse, where, promptly upon reaching the top, Des said “sorry, but no” to Brad. Phew. She really dodged a bullet there.

Group Date. 

source: The Bachelorette Facebook page

source: The Bachelorette Facebook page

At least ABC threw us viewers a bone here, as the guys competed on the Bachelorette’s first-ever Mr. America pageant. It was actually pretty entertaining and one of the better group dates of the season. The guys pulled together some random talents, were asked questions, and modeled in their bathing suits. I think Kasey got the rose, for reasons unknown. I don’t really remember anything noteworthy happening at the after-party. Wait, yes I do: Chris revealed that he writes poetry. When he told Des this, I’m pretty sure she thought he was joking, because she laughed in his face. He read her a poem while I squirmed uncomfortably. Then Zak W played her a song on his guitar and sang along. Des should have gotten a rose for the valor she showed in sitting through these two uncomfortable performances.

One-on-one #2.

172x96-2After the horrible first one-on-one and the pretty good group date, the last date of the night could have gone either way. Unfortunately, it was awful. James and Des took a helicopter tour of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. A woman from the Red Cross narrated everything they were seeing, and it was just about the least romantic date activity I think anyone could ever have dreamed up. (I know it’s horrible of me to say this, but it seriously wasn’t what anyone who watches this show hopes to see.) James and Des met with an old couple whose home was demolished by the hurricane, and they decided to give up their date to the couple and to go eat spaghetti in a local restaurant instead. James confessed to cheating on his girlfriend of 5 and a half years during his freshman year of college, and Des said that it worried her. (I couldn’t focus on anything besides that he started dating this girl during 8th grade, yet still called it a “5-and-a-half-year relationship.”) They were boring, James is still a meathead, and it felt like hours went by before this never-ending date finally ended. She gave him a rose, and no one knows why.

Rose Ceremony. I honestly can’t even remember at this point who got sent home last week. It was probably one of the few remaining lurkers who hadn’t had any on-screen time. [Updated to add: it was the other Zach. I don’t remember anything interesting about him.]

That brings us to week 5, when Des and crew arrived in Munich, Germany. (I went to Munich when I studied abroad, and I hated every second of it. She should have chosen literally anywhere else for this week.)


172x96-1Chris got the only one-on-one date of the night, which led me to believe that plane tickets to Munich back in April must have been incredibly expensive and left ABC with zero money in the budget for an actual date activity. They spent the day walking through the streets, dancing horribly as tourists looked on, and then, finally, entering a brewhouse (but not the Hofbrauhaus, because I’ve been there) for beer and pretzels.

As they were on their date, the rest of the guys were sitting in the same room back in the hotel, talking about Des. It’s always a bad idea when contestants on the show engage in this behavior. I have to wonder whether they’re not allowed to bring books or to spend time alone while they’re there. This is where I realize that I forgot to mention that the drama at the rose ceremony last week occurred when Bryden told Des that he didn’t think his feelings were “quite where they should be,” and she asked him to “trust the process” and stay. I guess he really wanted to fly to Germany on ABC’s dime, because this literally couldn’t have been more than 48 hours later, and he decided to go home. So he went searching for Chris and Des in the streets of Germany, pulled her aside, and told her he was leaving. All in all, it was anticlimactic (particularly because the preview at the beginning of the episode led us to believe that there would be a fist fight at some point during the episode. It also showed Des making out with Drew, which also, sadly, didn’t happen.).

Later that night, Chris and Des had dinner–probably in a castle, although I don’t remember for sure–and he read her ANOTHER poem. I cringed the whole time and wanted to die of discomfort, but the other girls I was watching with actually seemed to like it. I guess Des did, too, because he got a rose. Chris seems to be really nice, and much more attractive than his headshot and his initial few weeks of footage led us to believe. My guess is he’ll make it to the top two. I also think that if he doesn’t win this season, he might be a good pick for next season’s Bachelor.

The Group Date.

The group date consisted of the group bundling up and heading up the tallest mountain…in Germany? In the Alps? In the world? I didn’t quite catch the clarifier. It was snowy and freezing, and they got to meet a real-live German yodeler and then ride strange-looking plastic sleds down the mountain before retiring to a snow fort to hang out.

The highlights were:

  • she made out with Brooks some more, after we hadn’t really seen him do much in a few weeks;
  • she made out with James, and we all wanted to vomit;
  • Zak revealed that he had climbed possibly that very same mountain 10 years ago, when he was on a soul-searching mission because he wanted to become a priest. (Probably the weirdest confession of the night, seeing as it came from the guy who was naked in his introductory video and then arrived shirtless on night one.);
  • the guys started to reveal that they don’t like/don’t trust James, and that they feel that he’s there “for the wrong reasons.”

Brooks got the rose on the date.



This week brought the very first of the dreaded two-on-one dates. I’ve said before that the editing this season seems to be a little off, as the guys have been consistently complaining about Ben and his lies, and his intentions to promote his business, yet none of the camera crew managed to capture any of this in the act. It’s been a bit confusing and has led to many people not being sure how they feel about Ben. Michael G has been the loudest in his dissent with Ben, so naturally, these two were chosen for this date.

172x96-10The date activity was a “hot tug,” which was a tugboat/hot tub in a German lake in the very early spring. It was literally a very heated situation, and it quickly got worse. Michael, the federal prosecutor, tore into Ben in ways that were inappropriate, immature, and uncomfortable, questioning his religious faith and his parenting abilities. Michael came across as a huge bully, as Ben either politely defended himself or just chose not to respond in most cases.

The attacks continued as the date turned to dinner. Instead of engaging Des in any kind of conversation, Michael continued to tear into Ben, to the point that both Ben and Desiree completely stopped speaking, and Ben got up and left the building. It was really awful to watch Michael treat both of them so poorly and seem to have no idea he was acting inappropriately, and it was really confusing because as an audience, we really haven’t seen any of this supposed ‘horrible’ behavior from Ben. If I had been Ben, I would have been yelling back at Michael, and maybe even physically fighting with him. There was no question at my viewing party that Des would be sending them both home, but in the most surprising act of the season, Des gave Michael the rose and sent Ben home. We were so surprised by this that we talked over the show for the next 5 or so minutes, so I didn’t get to hear any of Ben’s exit interview or Michael or Des’ thoughts about what had happened. But there’s no question to me now that I was right when I said she would make a horrible Bachelorette.

Rose Ceremony. 

The post-Ben drama centered on James, as Drew and Kasey both claim that they heard him bragging that if he makes it to the top 4, he’ll be a shoo-in for the next Bachelor. (To this I say: has he looked in a mirror? Gross. No one wants to watch that meathead paw at 25 different girls for 10 weeks.) Drew, Kasey, and the other guys planned to spring this news on Des during the cocktail party, but then she showed up and declared that there wouldn’t be one of those this week. Naturally, instead of doing the right thing and asking to speak with her anyway, they all bit their tongues and watched as James received another rose. Mikey T (aka the other outcast from the Jersey Shore, and one of my 3 remaining players) was sent home.

From the looks of it, the fist-fight and the confrontation we saw in the preview for this week won’t actually happen until next week. Bummer. Hopefully James will get sent home, because he’s gross, and maybe Juan Pablo will shine in a Spanish-speaking country! Here’s hoping.


The Bachelorette Des: Week 3 Recap

As a reminder: the remaining guys on my “fantasy Bachelor” team are Juan Pablo, Zak W., and Mikey T. 

Last night’s episode officially kicked off this season’s drama! Although something bad is bound to happen every season, I can’t help thinking that it would be nice for once to see a crop of guys/girls who are all truly there for [don’t kill me for this] “the right reasons.”

Let’s get down to it.

The Group Date.

The episode began with a group dodgeball date. According to Michael G., “There are nine great guys going on this date — and Ben’s coming along too.” And thus continues the inexplicable hatred of Ben amongst the men of the house. I mean, I get it: the guy has kind of a skeazy vibe and I wouldn’t want to date him, but ABC must be doing some pretty Jedi editing, because we haven’t yet actually seen him doing anything that’s so awful.

The guys got the crap knocked out of them through a good pummeling session by the National Dodgeball League. Seriously, Des? What lady wants to watch this as a date activity? (Side note: Most of the “professionals” looked kind of like the grown-up versions of the non-athletic kids who would have sucked at this game when they were in school. I guess vengeance is a good motivator.) Anyway, Chris Harrison showed up to let the guys know that they’d be finishing their display of athleticism by playing against each other in a cage-match in a public venue. In tank tops, booty shorts, knee socks, and sweatbands. Naturally.

I really find it hard to actively pay attention to most sporting events, so this was kind of a blur to me. It was best 2 out of 3, and the winning team would get extra time with Des later. The highlight: Brooks wound up with a broken finger, which sent him to the hospital, where he passed out when they did his blood work. (I commented last week that he seemed a little girly. This incident confirmed it.) In the end, it didn’t matter which team won, because Des decided to invite them all to the afterparty. I interpret this to mean that she thought the guys on the losing team were hotter, and she didn’t want to send them home for the night.

172x96At the hotel-rooftop afterparty, Brad (previously unseen by the cameramen and America’s viewers) revealed a surprise: he too has a son! I’ve always felt that if I were the Bachelorette, this is something I would want to know on night 1. It’s not fair to spring something like that on a girl after she’s already sent 3 weeks’ worth of other men home. Anyway, he also told her a story about how a few years back, his girlfriend drunkenly stole his car, so he tried to restrain her, and the cops showed up and arrested him for domestic violence. They slapped a restraining order on him, which he later got dropped. If that wasn’t the sketchiest and most vague story of the night, I don’t know what was. I didn’t trust him at all, and really wanted to know why ABC doesn’t do better background checks on some of their contestants. (That theme continues later.)


Chris also got some one-on-one time with Des at the party, so we finally got to learn his name. He seemed nice enough, and they really seemed to like each other, but I didn’t feel that we really knew anything about them, as we didn’t see them spend any time together before this. Then Brooks showed up — fresh from the emergency room, still in his ridiculous red uniform — and earned a sympathy makeout session with Des. He seemed to be pretty high on painkillers, which was funny to watch. I’m thinking he’ll be one of the final two this season, pending any colossal screw-ups. Chris felt that he might have gotten the rose until Brooks showed up, and America agreed. But Desiree surprised us all by not going with the sympathy vote and awarded the night’s rose to Chris! Yay for the underdog. The two of them left the rooftop party for a private concert by yet another artist I’ve never heard of. The concert was directly next to the hotel, so all the remaining guys got balcony seats to watch Des and Chris’ dancefloor makeout session. Smooth, producers. Way to toy with their poor hearts.

The Drama

The next morning, Desiree is sitting in her house, wearing the tightest skin-colored pants I’ve ever seen, while writing in her journal. (Seriously, we all thought she wasn’t wearing anything from the waist down. Des: don’t ever wear those pants again.) Her phone rings, and who could it be but Chris Harrison? Apparently there’s some drama a-brewin’. She heads up to the man mansion, where she calls Brian out to the backyard to talk. In what was probably the most poorly-executed intervention we’ve ever seen on this franchise, Brian’s girlfriend arrives and scream/shrieks at him about “how could you do this to me?!”/”I can’t believe you!”/”I tried to break up with you, and you told me you just needed some time!” Wait, what?! Yep, that’s right: she tried to break up with him, and yet here she is, yelling at him for heading off to California to appear on national television. I was thoroughly confused by this whole fabricated scene. I guess the two of them got their 15 minutes of fame. Now we can all move on.


172x96-4I think my friend’s DVR must have malfunctioned at this point, because we didn’t actually see Brian leave or any of the fallout. We returned to our recording to see Des and Kasey in the middle of the night’s only one-on-one date (what was that about? there are always two one-on-one dates per episode!). They went bandalooping, which apparently is a thing that exists. They were attached to bungee cords, and danced horizontally on the side of a skyscraper. It was refreshing to see a slight divergence from the every-season-staple-date of rappelling-down-the-side-of-a-tall-building-in-L.A. Desiree seemed to be tired and a little bored during their whole date, which made me sort of tune out. They wound up on yet another rooftop, where they were attacked by a windstorm. To avoid the freezing cold brought on by the high winds, they decided to get in the pool, where they made out with towels on their heads. It was horribly awkward, to say the least. She seemed to clearly be uninterested in Kasey (she barely even made eye contact with him over drinks), yet somehow he got a rose. I predict that he’ll go home soon.

Group Date #2

Apparently something changed in The Bachelorette rulebook, because this is the first time I can ever remember two group dates in one night. The remaining 4 men went on a Lone Ranger-themed date, where they dressed in clothing representative of the Old West, and learned movie fighting stunts, quick-drawing pistol skills, and how to wield a lasso. They each had to improv a “rescue scene” where they rode up on a horse, fought off two bad guys, shot down an enemy, and then whisked Desiree away. Both of my guys (Juan Pablo and Zak) were impressive, but Juan Pablo did his whole scene in Spanish, which we all know by now makes Des a little giddy. So he got some extra one-on-one time with her, during which they screened the upcoming Lone Ranger movie. It must not have been very good, since they spent nearly the entire time making out and eating popcorn.

172x96-2Right around this point is when my friend’s cable box completely malfunctioned, so we had to re-start it. I don’t know what we missed during those lost ten minutes, but it must have been surprising, because somehow James (aka ‘meathead’ or ‘the one with the neck’) came out of the date with a rose! I’ll have to re-watch online to see how he pulled that off, because I thought for sure that Juan Pablo had it in the bag.

The Pool Party

Chris Harrison showed up at the mansion again, this time to let the guys know that Desiree wanted to call off the night’s cocktail party. Normally, this means that the bachelorette is fed up with all the drama and doesn’t want to waste her time on small talk with a bunch of douchebags all night, but in this case, it was because she wanted to have a pool party instead! Phew. The guys got off easy with that one.

As Desiree pulled up to the house for the party, Ben (in the worst man tank top ever) waylaid her and they went for a short drive. Even though I don’t like him, I have to admit that he’s good at taking things into his own hands when it comes to making time to spend with her. Throughout history, this has proven to make you a target for hatred from the other contestants, but really: it’s a good strategy. It’s what a real boyfriend/girlfriend would do. Two of the guys saw them return from their drive, kiss in her car, and then enter the house separately, so of course, they tried to get him to admit to it, and he didn’t. Then they finally called him out on it. How dramatic! Again, all the guys keep calling him a liar and accusing him of lying to Desiree, but we haven’t actually seen any video evidence of this.

172x96-7Meanwhile, Brandon (aka Kasey Kahl Junior/possible psychopath) is declaring his love to Des. Yep, that’s right folks: it’s week three, he hasn’t even had a one-on-one date, and yet he tells her he’s “falling in love” with her. That just might have been a new Bachelor/Bachelorette record. Totally creepy. He also cries over the Brian-has-a-girlfriend incident, because apparently he relates all too well to the girlfriend’s son, who he sees as being the real victim in this situation. (In hindsight, maybe a little more sympathy for the Bachelorette and a little less empathy for some random kid would have been a better approach.)

The Rose Ceremony

We skip ahead to the rose ceremony, where the guys have changed from bathing suits to actual suits. I have to say, I preferred the bathing suits. (And Brandon wore the same pinstriped suit from at least one of the previous episodes.) Des wears the second ugly gown in a row, and starts handing out roses.

Since Brian left earlier in the night, that left only Dan and Brandon with broken hearts. I’m not really sure who Dan was, although he was definitely cuter than some of the other guys she kept. And Brandon, predictably, cried on his way out the door. He asked her why she didn’t keep him, and she answered with something like “You have to have chemistry… it’s just something I can’t explain. I just know, and I’m so sorry.” I admire that she didn’t try to soothe his ego or second-guess herself. He was an idiot, and he seriously needs some counseling for his abandonment issues. If you couldn’t guess, I wasn’t sad to see him go. I saw some comments on the Bachelorette Facebook page this morning where people were saying “aw, Brandon should be the next Bachelor! He’s so sweet!” and I swear, if that happens, I’ll give up watching this show. That’s serious, people.

All three of my “Fantasy Bachelor” guys survived to date another week. Phew. All the girls in my tournament are down to 3 guys or less, and none of us have very strong teams. So that’s a relief, since I’m pretty sure at this point that I won’t be winning the pool.

Next Week

Next week kicks off the traveling leg of the season, and the group will head to Atlantic City! I still haven’t been there, so maybe this will give me a little more insight. The men will compete in their very own Mr. America pageant, which should make for some quality television. I didn’t detect any more drama in the near future, so maybe we’ll get to see some genuine love connections being made! (I’m only cautiously optimistic.)

The Bachelorette Des: Week 2 Recap

“Right reasons…Right reasons…[something unintelligible] girl for all seasons!”

I have to say, I was surprised to see Soulja Boy on ABC last night. But I’ll get there.

I mentioned previously that the girls I watch The Bachelorette with decided to do a “fantasy Bachelor” league this season. My picks (based solely on their headshots and bios from–and then those that were left over) were:




Juan Pablo








Zak W.


Mikey T.




and Micah.

Sadly, after watching the premiere last week, I realized that none of my guys (except maybe Robert) would carry me through to the finale. And then Micah went home night 1. Mikey T could possibly be a Jersey Shore castoff. Zak W took the shirtless idiot route. Robert is a cutie and seemed nice enough. Juan Pablo very attractive, but I don’t see him and Des having much in common.

That brings us to week 2.

172x96-6Brooks got the first one-on-one date, which involved 1) a day date to go wedding shopping, 2) an afternoon picnic at the Hollywood sign, 3) dinner under chandeliers on a bridge in L.A., and 4) a private concert. We’ve previously seen every single one of these dates on the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but hey, never all together in one day! Well done, ABC! [Also: I actually recognized the song sung during the concert! Another first!] We spent most of the night talking over the show and laughing at the annoying on-screen Tweets, but it seemed like Brooks and Desiree had a pretty good initial connection. They’re cute together, and although he seemed a bit girly, he seemed to be a good match for her. Also: I like his teeth. Brooks got a rose, and no one was surprised.

The Group Date.

The first group date of the season took place at a winery (how random?) and involved shooting a rap video for a Soulja Boy song and absolutely no wine-drinking. [Did anyone else have flashbacks to 2007, to the girls in the dorm across the hall playing ‘Soulja Boy (Tell ‘Em)’ on repeat while trying to teach themselves the dance? It couldn’t have only been me.] Has he had another “hit” since then?

The rap lyrics were actually fairly clever if you’re a hardcore fan. I’m not sure whether an ABC writer or Soulja Boy himself wrote them, but it was a nice little trip down the ‘best-of’ Bachelorette memory lane.

172x96-7The costuming for the music video didn’t make much sense to me. Brandon had to wear what appeared to be a jock strap, judging by the way they kept censoring his hindquarters. And in an incredibly ironic twist, his lyrics were about Kasey “Guard and Protect Your Heart” Kahl, who he began to act more and more like as the episode went on. In fact, I’ve decided to start referring to him as ‘Kasey Junior.’ He came on way too strong. Also, way too desperate and clingy with a hint of crazy.

172x96-8Ben continued with his creeper, inappropriate-for-a-single-dad ways. I just don’t like this guy. I don’t like the way he talks to or about her–it’s so possessive. It actually reminds me of a different southern gent I know, so maybe that’s just how guys think about women down South. Creepy and possessive. I would have sent him home the first night, along with Fantasy Suite Jonathan. Mikey T (one of my team members, woot!) called Ben out on his assholeishness, but they seemed to forgive and forget pretty quickly. (Ben complimented Mikey’s shoes, and Mikey got over his dislike. Smooth move, Benji.)

The rap video itself was just dreadful. Not a single one of the guys could dance, and the rapping was awful. But I guess it was all in good fun, as they actually seemed to enjoy it. (Judging by the previews, this could be the last enjoyable group date of the season.)

172x96-2At the afterparty, Zak W (another one of my team members!) totally redeemed himself after his poor performance on night 1. He managed to keep his clothes on throughout the entire date, plus, he came with a gift! He gave Desiree an antique journal, with an inscription inside the cover, and he said he had found it “in an antique shop in a small town.” That won major points with me. A guy who goes antique shopping and buys thoughtful gifts?  Solid play.

Ben ultimately got the rose, although she totally talked up Brandon in her pre-rose-handing-out speech, so it was kind of a surprise when Ben got it.

One-on-One #2

172x96-9Bryden (hate his name) got the second one-on-one date of the night, which was a road trip around southern California. (Pretty low-budget after the first two dates of the night, but I guess that makes financial sense.) Desiree said that she had so much fun just laughing with him all day, but I don’t think we ever actually saw the two of them laughing together. Blame it on the editing.

At the end of the day, they stopped at a spa/inn for dinner and conversation. We learned that Bryden was in a car crash that probably should have killed him but didn’t, and that changed his outlook on life. (Luckily, he happened to have photos of the accident in his jacket pocket, just on the off-chance that the story had come up naturally in dinner conversation.) This solidified one of the live-Tweeters hypothesis that all the guys of this season had to have at least one major life tragedy in order to be accepted to the show.

I couldn’t pay much attention to their date because he kind of reminds me of a cross between a caveman and Viktor Krum, and I wasn’t really interested in anything they talked about. But at the end of the night, they wound up in a pool, where he seemed to want to kiss her but was uncomfortable with the nearby cameramen, so she saved him some face by saying “oh, just kiss me already!” And then he got a rose.

Rose Ceremony

172x96-10Michael G started off the night by taking Des aside to explain to her about his prerequisite tragedy–his type-2 diabetes. (I actually see this one as a legitimate real-life problem, so it didn’t annoy me in the same way the other guys’ do.) Two seconds into his explanation, who should walk in to interrupt but Ben-with-a-rose? Of course! So that launched the night’s drama. All the guys ran around talking about and putting down Ben, and then there was a pretty boring and anticlimactic confrontation between Ben and Michael G, with a few spectators (notably my boy Mikey T was present). It ended with Michael saying something like “I don’t care. I’m done with this,” and walking away. Real hard-hitting stuff right there!

At the actual awarding of the roses, a few more guys we had never seen before had to go home. This is expected at this point in the season. However, we had to say goodbye to Robert, the second-round pick cutie from my team! She sent him home over Brandon, which goes to show that the girls on this show must just like a little crazy in their lives. A few other people left, which means that she’s whittling down the crowd to a size where it’ll be possible to remember all their names and faces after just a few more episodes.

We also got a preview for a not-at-all-forced fight next week: someone’s girlfriend shows up at the mansion! She calls him a “lying, cheating, deceitful pig,” because isn’t that a phrase that all girlfriends use in the 21st century? She blinks a lot and generally isn’t convincing. She doesn’t earn my sympathy.

Can’t wait to see what happens next! At this point, my favorites are probably Brooks, Drew, Michael G, and Zak W. There are a few who’ve barely had any screen time, though, so there could be some dark horses waiting to run free!

Some Stuff

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to post about Seattle or Savannah for today’s A to Z post. Plus I fully intended to get a head start on the week’s posts last night. But then I didn’t. So now it’s 9:30pm on “S” day, and this is where we are.

I’ve got lots of random things floating around in my head. Here are some of the ones that start with S:

Songs. For whatever reason, these two songs get me pumped and singing along every time they come on the radio (which is quite often these days)…

Shows. Summer is coming, which means it’s almost time for summer TV! I can’t wait for the return of So You Think You Can Dance, Design Star, and The Bachelorette.

Snacks. Truthfully, ‘snacks’ might be a bit of an understatement. The kind of hungry I’ve been getting lately is CRAZY. I normally start to get a little hungry around 10am, eat lunch at noon, and am a little hungry again around 2pm. Sometimes I have a snack at 10 or 2 to tide me over until lunch or dinner, but sometimes I don’t. But lately, I’m not just a little hungry, and it’s never just for a snack. I get ravenous, and I’m usually craving something substantial, like a slab of meat, or an all-you-can-eat buffet. I realize that this probably means I need protein (or even just more food than I’m accustomed to eating), but it’s unusual for me because I’m typically not a big fan of meat. It’s also frustrating because although I’ve kept up my running since the beginning of February, I’m still not seeing any significant changes in my body or my weight.

I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve been considering the Paleo diet, but I really don’t want to part with my beloved carbs. Or sugar in general. But one of the biggest negatives to me has always been the diet’s focus on meats, which no longer seems to be a problem to me, with these uncharacteristic urges. So maybe I should give it a halfhearted try. (Because, let’s be real: I’m not giving up carbs or candy any time soon.)

Shower. I went to my first-ever bridal shower on Saturday, for my sophomore-year roommate. I didn’t know what to expect, and was even a little nervous before I got there, but then it turned out being pretty much as I should have imagined. It’s weird that I’m finally getting to the age where friends are getting married!

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for now. I realize that I haven’t yet posted about my house hunt, but I don’t really have it together enough to do that tonight!