The 2013 Charlottesville Design House

Since December, I’ve been volunteering for the Shelter For Help in Emergency‘s biggest annual fundraising event, the Charlottesville Design House! It has been an incredibly enjoyable way to get involved in the Charlottesville design community (my initial interest in volunteering), as well as a way to help out with a very important organization. (The Shelter for Help in Emergency’s mission is to end domestic violence in the Charlottesville community.)

The Charlottesville Design House has been open to the public since May 4th, and will remain open until May 19. 100% of the proceeds go toward supporting the Shelter’s efforts.

There is no photography allowed inside the house, and the official photos have not yet been posted on the Design House website, but I’ve gathered a few that have been released through other official sources. I couldn’t resist any longer…they’re too good not to share!

When you enter the house, you’re in the Entry Gallery, designed by mother/daughter design team Penny Crandall and Heidi Brooks. That stenciled wood floor was at one point a logistical nightmare, but it’s well worth the effort now!

source: Charlottesville Design House email blast; photography by Robert Radifera

source: Charlottesville Design House email blast; photography by Robert Radifera

One of the main living spaces off the entry hallway is the dining room, which was designed by Moyanne Harding. The dining room is easily one of my top three favorite spaces in the house. (Although if you asked me to list my top three, I don’t know that I could really choose.) Moyanne designed the entire space around the jaw-dropping antique Indian brass pendant that is literally the center of the design. (The first time I saw this space was at night, and trust me: when that chandelier is the only light source in the room, the effect is AMAZING.)

The family room off the house’s kitchen was a doozy of a before, complete with chestnut paneling and a cold stone floor. Brother/sister design team Candace and Michael DeLoach tackled the room, applying their vision of “a family room for Dave Matthews.” (They also have DMB music playing on a constant loop in the room, which adds to the vibe.)

This year’s Design House features a 7,000+ square-foot main house, along with an additional guest house. The bedroom in the guest house was done up gorgeously by U-Fab, a fabric store with locations in both Charlottesville and Richmond. I love, love, love their palette of cobalt blue, kelly green, and warm gold. The many fabrics in their room steal the show.

The house will be on the market once the Design House ends…anyone want to go in on it with me? Totally kidding…this baby is way out of my price range.

Obviously, this is only a sneak peek at a few of the many glamorous spaces in the 2013 Charlottesville Design House. So far this year, we’ve seen record attendance, which is wonderful and truly exciting! It’s been rewarding to be involved with such an admirable organization, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.

I took a few of my own photos during the construction and installation phases, which I’ll hold off on posting until the official photos are released once the event ends. I think it will be really cool to show the full extent of the transformations!

What about you guys? Does anyone have a favorite space? There are 14 designed spaces in the Design House main house, and 3 more in the apartment, so there’s much more to see. I encourage anyone in the Charlottesville area to visit before the house closes on Sunday!