Spring Cleaning

I’ve had a major itch lately (and for most of my life) to just do… something. I think I have a chronic nostalgia, but for what? I’ve never been able to figure it out. 26 years now.

I haven’t written here for over a year, mostly because I’m not very interested in blogging anymore. There are a handful of design blogs that I still read daily, but I learned a long time ago that my personal blog was never going to become a hot-spot for traffic. But today I feel like writing.

Spring is finally starting to arrive. Today, at least, it’s 79 degrees and sunny. Just a few weeks ago it was snowing. I’ve learned in the past 14 months or so that I’m not a winter person. When I was younger, I complained endlessly about being hot or sweaty. Now I know that there’s nothing more miserable to me than endless snowfall and shoveling and being homebound due to crappy road conditions or a car that just can’t hack an icy hill. Also several weeks of sub-freezing temperatures. There’s nothing fun about it.

On that note, my car has been dying a slow death for the past several months. I’ve been casually shopping for new ones by browsing online. There are a few contenders, but I haven’t felt ready to pull the trigger until very recently. Three months ago my goal was to find a quality used car for no more than $8,000, and to buy it outright. I was talking with my dad while in the gym a few nights ago, and he said something along the lines of “None of us knows when we’re going to die. It’s important to save for later, yes, but it’s also important to do some living now.” I walked around the lot at a dealership yesterday and now I’m ready to take the plunge on a car payment.  I’m not even sure who I am anymore.

On another personal note, I’ve been single for over 8 months now. I have almost zero interest in dating and I can’t figure out why. I’m 26 – approaching 27 – and I keep having the realization that I’m now nearing the age where there’s a chance that I’ll truly be single forever. The thought of that makes me a little sad. Gynecologically speaking, I’m already past my prime child-bearing years. I have zero maternal instinct and no dreams of future children, so this isn’t something I’m worried about, but I’m approaching 30 and it would be nice to have found that life partner by now. I just have no desire to date. I wish I could just skip all that and land in the part where it’s already comfortable and easy with someone.

Now on to the biggest part: probably the reason I felt like blogging today. I quit my job. Friday is my last day, after 2 years and 4 months there. I have felt trapped in my career ever since I started on it, really, and it finally feels like time to do something new. Unfortunately, I’m not breaking out entirely to pursue a life-long passion or to do something heroic. But I’ve lived with complete mental atrophy for over 2 years now and it’s time for a change.

I’ve been extremely lucky to have a job with more personal freedom than is imaginable: I can go in late, leave early, take well over an hour for lunch, wake up and work from home just because I feel like it whenever I feel like it, and I have unlimited paid vacation time. Those are the things that have been nearly impossible to walk away from. But as I mentioned, I’ve been bored out of my mind 40 hours a week for over 2 years, I have no personal relationships with anyone I work with, and there’s no room for upward mobility in a company of only 25 people. So I’m moving into a new role in a much larger, much more established company starting next Monday. I hope it goes well, but I’m also approaching it realistically.

I’ll be giving up all those time-related luxuries, but I’m hoping I’ll gain new relationships and some new skills. I negotiated for extra vacation time, and my new boss is someone who I have previously worked for and admired. There are pluses, I just have to keep reminding myself of them. I don’t expect this to be my dream job: it’s still the same field and I’m still not passionate about it. But I’m looking at it as an opportunity to do something new for a while. If I hate it after a year, I can find something else. That’s my mindset.

This is a pretty big change. But I’m knowingly taking it on in an effort to get out of the life rut I’ve been in for so long. Even things like being in the office earlier (I’ve settled into a routine of going to work at 9 and being one of the first people there) and having to accrue vacation time are things I’m trying to view as new and exciting challenges, rather than pure annoyances.

So in a nutshell: I’m making some changes, I fully expect them to be difficult at times, but I’m ready for it because I’m choosing it. In a year, I want to know that even if I hated it, at least I tried. That’s what matters.


One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Donna Smith says:

    I didn’t want kids until suddenly I had a change of heart at age 29. First child at 30. Second at 32. Same with my daughter. My brother’s family was started at about the same age. You have some time. Don’t just settle into that either. You never know.

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