Today’s A to Z ‘life goal for my 20s’ is a big one: moving to a new city!

Obviously, having just bought my first house, this isn’t on my immediate to-do list.

But the thing is, with the exception of 4 years in college, I’ve lived in Charlottesville since I was born. That’s 25.5 years minus 8 semesters. I go through love/hate phases with Charlottesville, especially during the spring and winter. In the springtime, I remember how beautiful this town is, and how amazing it is to be able to get from the city to the country in about 10 minutes flat. We have wineries galore, and lots of unique events to experience nearly every weekend. In the winter, not as much goes on here, and I get depressed by the cold and the snow and the city’s inability to clean it up properly.

Sometimes I find it comforting that if I’m out somewhere with my dad and/or my grandma, we’re guaranteed to see at least one person that they know. But now that it’s also starting to happen to me, I like it less. There are tons of people still in this town who I went to high school with, but was never close with. I don’t enjoy those run-ins. Sometimes I crave the idea of moving to a new place and starting entirely from scratch — somewhere that no one knows me and there’s zero chance of running into an old acquaintance in the grocery store, or the hair salon, or walking down the downtown mall.

I’m not sure which place makes sense as my next home. During its good times, Charlottesville seems like the perfect fit for me. But I’m sure there are other cities out there that could hold even more possibility. Luckily, I’ve got some time to explore.


4 thoughts on “Move

  1. Tronster says:

    Well, familiarity has its ups and downs. Living in the DC area is kinda the same thing. I live far enough away from work not to see my co-workers when I am off. This is a big deal for me. Being a military brat, I have never lived anywhere long enough to know a lot of people.

    I stopped by from the A to Z Challenge, and I have enjoyed your posts. Keep up the good work and good luck in achieving all your goals. Listed and unlisted.

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