Today’s A to Z post is about a trip I’m hoping to take this summer: to Los Angeles!

One of my good friends from grad school is working in Los Angeles until August, and I’m hoping to snag a flight across the country to visit, explore, and catch up for a week this summer!

Travel is pretty high on my to-do list for the rest of my 20s, as is maintaining relationships with people I’ve lost touch with. This trip will fulfill both!

Any travel tips for visiting Los Angeles? Any favorite spots or must-see attractions? 



One thought on “LAX

  1. onceuponaurora says:

    My landlocked family went on a trip to California when I was seventeen. When we reached L.A. we took one look, and my dad and uncle (sadly, both gone now) declared that we were going to drive on through to Santa Barbara. Even though I had stars in my eyes at that age, I didn’t feel like I missed much. We much preferred San Diego. The beaches are prettier and less crowded. Just my opinion!
    I’m visiting from the A to Z challenge. One of our blogs is Poetry of the Netherworld.

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