Whoops… I kind of let things slip a bit over the past few days. I skipped the A to Z posts for E, F, and G. (If anyone’s curious, E would have been ‘Exercise,’ F: ‘Fun,’ and G was undecided.)

Today’s topic is Hobbies. As in: I need one. And searching for jobs doesn’t count. I’ve been job searching pretty much non-stop for 3 years now – ever since the spring semester of my year in grad school. It takes up SO MUCH TIME, and I almost never hear back from anyone I send applications to. Ugh. <endrant/>

But seriously: I need a hobby. I need something with which to fill my time and keep my hands and my brain occupied. I need a way to channel the creative juices that have been run dry since, oh… forever? Clearly, I’m unhappy with my job and I need to find some inspiration outside of work.

When I was younger, I took gymnastics classes. That’s probably safe to cross off the list at this age. I also took horseback riding lessons. It can get quite expensive, but that’s something I’d consider doing again. I’ve never played instruments because I’m terrible with all things musical, so that’s another no. I never really enjoyed team sports, although they’re a good way to meet new people. But most athletics aren’t high on my list. Maybe an art class?

I’m interested in learning new skills, but I’m never happy being bad at something. I need a guaranteed ‘win’ to start with, so that I don’t get scared off.

Does anyone have any hobbies that are easy to get started on, and sure-fire successes?


One thought on “Hobby

  1. Carolyn says:

    I took on several hobbies; crocheting, for one. I also got into photography…started with a very cheap camera. Maybe that could be your hobby? In today’s world, the cameras on the smartphones are just a good as a “real” camera. 😀

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