Today’s A to Z post topic is Commitment.

I’m pretty certain that I’ve written before about my life-long habit of missing out on most of my present-day life due to dreaming about the future. I have a terrible tendency to freeze in indecision, bury myself away in doubts or insecurities, and generally let opportunities pass me by. As a result I wind up feeling that my “real life” or my “future” is just around the next corner, and that then I’ll be truly happy with everything I have, and I’ll be able to settle in and live it up. But the fact is: this is my life. Including all the many pieces I’m not completely happy with.

So my goal for the rest of my 20’s is to commit. To commit to my life, my choices, and my activities – because this is the one and only chance I have. Whether this means *finally* taking the leap and quitting the job that isn’t “the one,” trying to start up my own business, moving away from my childhood town, or even just owning all my decisions and not sweating the small stuff, I need to commit. Because failing to do so results in stagnation, and there’s nothing worse than wasting all the precious opportunities that life brings and being left with nothing but nagging thoughts and countless lonely Saturday nights.

How about all of you out there? Have you mastered the art of commitment? Are there areas of your life that you’ve learned (with time) to take ownership of, in order to feel fulfilled?


3 thoughts on “Commit

  1. a passion and a passport says:

    Love this post! And dont be hard on yourself- making decisions can be hard! Especially when they are big ones! I love that youre using the challenge to make goals for yourself! Delete the other comment! 🙂 wrong blog!

  2. theegetawaygal says:

    Hi Katie… I have a feeling, although I’m in my 40’s, that we share a similar personality and I can totally relate. I just wrote a post about determination where I share a couple of the same struggles. I agree with the above comment, don’t be hard on yourself and push through the self doubt. The statement that life is too short is very true. 🙂 Thanks for stopping my blog, I’m glad we’ve met.

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