House Poor

I’m closing on my house next week. My very first house. The one I’ve dreamed about for 20 years now. The first house that I will be solely financially responsible for. The first house in which I’ll get to make all the decorating choices – for better or worse. Oh em gee!!!

After what feels like the longest process of all time, I’m finally starting to get excited. I walked through the house for the first time on November 21, and made my offer shortly thereafter. It might have been November 25? (It’s crazy that I’ve already forgotten the details!) We were worried that the seller might not respond to my offer before Thanksgiving, but she did, and on Thanksgiving day, I made the announcement to my extended family that I was under contract. I had my home inspection on December 3, and then waited a long time to hear back from the seller. Finally, she decided that she would fix all the items I requested, and they were all addressed by this past Tuesday, January 21. (Hopefully. I’ll see for sure during my final walk-through next week.)

Now, nearly two whole months after making my offer, the loose ends are being tied up and I’m preparing to close. At which point all my hard-earned money will vanish from my bank account, and I’ll start to wonder if it’s worth it. Kidding. Kind of.

There are SO MANY little details in my head: things like inspection items that I didn’t ask to be fixed and I’ll want to follow-up on, the major purchases I need to make in order to have the bare minimum required for living (this will be the first time I’ve ever lived totally on my own as an adult – I need to buy my first silverware set!), and then things like getting all my utilities set up and paid on time each month. Plus, changing over my address, ordering new checks, getting familiar with a new oven/thermostat/bathroom/routine, and on and on.

I’ve been stalking craigslist and pinning like a madwoman to my House Inspiration board on Pinterest. I have so many ideas! I just need to prioritize and save money over time. I dropped $813.92 on a brand-new washer and dryer this past Sunday, which will be delivered and installed once the house is legally mine. After that, I plan to have a plumber take a look at replacing my Quest piping and my original-to-the-house hot water heater. THEN, I should be able to move on to the frivolous things, like non-essential furniture and lots of accessories. 

I’m hopeful that my excitement, the process, and this whole new adventure will inspire my return to blogging more regularly. I’ll certainly have things to write about!


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