Lunchtime Design: Animals in HomeGoods

This edition of Lunchtime Design didn’t actually take place during lunchtime. It was about a month ago on a Sunday afternoon. But it still counts!

I went into HomeGoods to walk around and see what inspired me. Pretty soon, I noticed a theme. Luckily, that theme was one of my favorites: animals! There were animals all over the place.

First, I saw this display of owl platters. I loved the round one in the back right corner.

2013-08-18 13.25.28

Then I saw some glass animals. First, a turtle:

2013-08-18 13.27.26

Then, a fish:

2013-08-18 13.28.05

Then I moved to the food section, where I saw this adorable cheese grater. I think it was a porcupine? Or maybe a hedgehog? Either way, it was cute. If I ever had any occasion to grate cheese, I would have bought it.

2013-08-18 13.30.44

Then, there were these butterfly mini-cake tins.

2013-08-18 13.33.40

And then these cow salt and pepper shakers…

2013-08-18 13.36.26

In the kids’ section, I came across this cute polka-dotted piggy bank.

2013-08-18 13.37.37

In the pet section, I saw this trio of ceramic winged dogs.

2013-08-18 13.39.59

They reminded me of Falcor, but not as awesome.

In the bath section, I saw this seahorse-shaped shower caddy:

2013-08-18 13.42.20

And then this elephant soap dispenser:

2013-08-18 13.40.54

Then, there was the Halloween decor section (already?! it was August 18!), which was filled to the brim with owls of all sorts. I think this was intended to be a “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” set.

2013-08-18 13.54.09

Next up was this shiny silver rhino, which I now realize didn’t photograph well on an also-silver background:

2013-08-18 14.00.44

There seemed to be lots of roosters, but I’ve always hated rooster decor, so I avoided taking pictures of those. But I found the idea this plump hen roosting on her nest sort of endearing:

2013-08-18 14.02.08

Finally, I made it over to the lamp corner, where I was surprised to find more animals. There was this pair of huge seahorse lamps (see how the bases are the same height as that average-sized table lamp in between them?):

2013-08-18 14.04.17

And lastly, this gold bird-on-a-branch lamp:

2013-08-18 14.05.01

Interesting, right? I’m glad there are so many options for my love of animals to translate somewhat into my home decor–in ways other than my two real kitties shedding all over everything!

(Disclaimer: Most of the things in this post don’t align with my own style, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend trying to blend all of these things together! I just thought they were some cute ideas for inspiration for anyone who loves animals like I do.)

What do you think about incorporating animal-themed pieces into your home?


4 thoughts on “Lunchtime Design: Animals in HomeGoods

  1. Bianca says:

    I have the elephant soap dispenser. I also bought the thingamajig next to it. lol, now im stuck on what color my towels/ shower curtain/ rug should be……

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