Monthly Mileage: Summer Edition

I completely slacked off this summer when it came to running. So, for the sake of public humiliation, here’s my Monthly Mileage breakdown for June, July, and August.

June: 31.1 miles + some sprints (looking back over my training log, I actually did really well in June! I ran 14 days out of 30, and was working on adding sprints into my routine to build my speed)

July: 6.65 miles

August: 9.9 miles

Early July was filled with home-buying drama, then P and I went on our Reunion Roadtrip, and then I returned to Charlottesville and moved into my dad’s basement, thereby losing access to my apartment’s crappy gym. Since I no longer have access to an air-conditioned treadmill, I’ve been doing my best to brave the August heat and humidity and have actually been running outside. Of my 5 completed runs in August, two were trail runs near my dad’s new house. 3 miles out-and-back through the woods–watching carefully for roots and rocks and wildlife–is quite different than the strictly-treadmill-and-pavement running that I’m used to. But I kind of like it.

Since it’s September now (my birth month! the best month!), I’m really trying to rededicate myself to making healthier choices, which in turn leads to being happier all around. I always like being able to post “I just ran 3 miles, and I did it faster than last week’s time!,” so hopefully that’ll be happening.

Fall is really the best of all the seasons. There have been a few mornings lately where I’ve walked outside to go to work, and it’s been chilly and crisp, and I can feel Autumn coming. There’s something about this season that I feel in my bones, and it brings tons of happy memories and a peaceful, all-is-right kind of feeling.

Fall in Charlottesville brings the Parade of Homes, wine tasting, lots of fall races, and a general feeling of content. This year, it brings my 25th (!!!) birthday, my 2-year anniversary with P, the re-start of the Charlottesville Design House planning meetings, and many weekend trips (because it’s also football and rugby season at P’s college!).

There’s so much to look forward to in the next few months that even my burning desire to ditch my 9-to-5 has taken a back burner. I was almost completely mentally checked out of work for the entire summer, but lately I’ve started to check back in a little bit. (Don’t get me wrong: it’s still absolutely not my forever job, but there’s so much else to be happy about that it just doesn’t seem so bad for now. But next comes winter, which is my absolute least-favorite and most depressing season. Sigh.)

So here’s to fall in Charlottesville! May it bring lots of sweaty, solid runs, health, and happiness.


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