Goodwill Hunting: Look What I Bought

It turns out I’ve been doing a lot of Goodwill shopping lately. And finding lots of good stuff!

A few weeks ago, I found this silver dish at the Goodwill location on Pantops.

2013-08-18 16.50.38

I really loved the rainbow effect of the patina on it, so for $1.95, I bought it!

2013-08-18 16.49.59

Another day, I headed across town to the Goodwill on 29, where I found tons of books. I’m normally kind of snooty about the books I buy, because some secondhand books can feel really dirty. But I took a look, and found some that seemed to be in really good condition.

I was excited about this one, because I know nothing about British royal history. Maybe one day I’ll actually get around to reading it and learn a little something!

2013-08-18 16.46.22

Speaking of British history, the English major in me geeked out quite a bit when I saw this one on the shelf:

2013-08-18 16.46.55

Next up was another novel by Jeffrey Eugenides, since I read Middlesex a few months ago and LOVED it. (Book review hopefully coming soon!)

2013-08-18 16.47.16

Then I grabbed this hardcover novel, because the plot sounded interesting, and I was on a roll:

2013-08-18 16.47.36

I was quite happy with my haul, but then I saw this cute little gold tea light dish:

2013-08-18 16.47.56

So I grabbed it, too! Since all paperbacks are $1 and hardbacks are $2, along with the gold dish, my total for this stop was $5.95 plus tax.

For less than $8.50 total, I’m pretty happy with my recent Goodwill runs. Has anyone else found anything awesome in a Goodwill lately?


2 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunting: Look What I Bought

  1. ninamholland says:

    This makes me want to hit up my Goodwill! It’s one of those things (like estate sales) that I say I’m going to do, but never get around to it. Also, Rules of Civility is a great book!


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