My Favorite Kitchen EVER

I was reading the July 2013 issue of This Old House, and I came across my favorite kitchen of all time. It was submitted to TOH‘s Reader Remodel issue by Jenn and Kevin Rodgers in Duluth, Minnesota, and won them $1,000!

Just look…


I love, love, love the white + blue + gray + natural wood palette. If I could, I would put this exact kitchen in my future house.

Check out the before:


And all the beautiful afters:


I LOVE the wood-wrapped Ikea cabinetry on either side of the oven!


There’s even a walk-in pantry hiding away behind the refrigerator.


Such a smart mom touch to add in a laundry chute!


A command center with a pinboard and a charging shelf station for electronics…


Dear Jenn and Kevin: Can I move in? I’ll do my best to cook you dinner once a week. I’m sure everything cooked in that kitchen tastes perfect!

All photos from:,,20702455,00.html


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