sub-9:00 mile!

I didn’t feel like running today–after going to the driving range with P, my dad, and my sister this afternoon in the heat–and then knowing that it was still about 85 degrees outside at 5:15. But I did.

And I cranked out an 8:59 mile!! That’s the fastest standalone mile I’ve run in forever! I’m so proud (and taking this opportunity to bask in it…sorry bout it!). My speedwork must be paying off.

2013-06-23 17.51.53Or maybe it was my sweet new orange tank top paired with my rarely-worn pink shorts. Perhaps something about looking like sherbert made me extra fast?

Really, it’s probably because it was 85 degrees and I just wanted to be done. But it still could be that I’ve been running consistently for weeks now. Maybe it’s that simple, yet effective thing I wrote about before. I felt strong the whole time (minus a little pain in my left foot when I first started out), and was breathing hard-but-not-too-hard throughout. And each lap was faster than the one before. It felt just like it’s supposed to: no pain, just relaxed pushing. It feels good to feel like I’m in shape again.

And to celebrate, I stopped after that 1 mile and came home for a shower. Yuck. I’m already looking forward to fall!

Speaking of fall: I’m sort-of-but-not-really thinking about the High Bridge Half Marathon in Farmville the first weekend of September (I realize that it will still be stiflingly hot then, and I’m trying not to focus on that). I haven’t felt at all like running another half since immediately after crossing the finish line of my first one, but I’m sort of considering it. If I want to do it, though, last week should have been my first week of training. Since the plan I follow calls for a 4mi LR in that first week, I knocked that out last Tuesday with no problem. That left me feeling pretty confident, but the thought of 5mi next week, followed by increasing mileage every week after makes me hesitate. So for the next few weeks I plan to sort of follow my training plan without letting my body know it, and see how it goes. Another half marathon wasn’t in my plans for the future, but maybe now it will be.


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