Lunchtime Design: Tuesday Morning

Since I’m off work this week, yesterday I stopped by the Tuesday Morning at Pantops in Charlottesville. Looks like the Lunchtime Design series is going strong so far!

I’m pretty sure that the last time I set foot in a Tuesday Morning, it was during the ’90s, and it was entirely against my will. My mom used to like shopping there when I was little, and I was often dragged along. But I heard recently that they had ceramic garden stools for 25% off $59.99, which was true! (I didn’t snap a photo because I ultimately decided that I didn’t like the two in the store. Maybe I should have.)

Anyway, yesterday, I was surprised to see lots of rugs! I had no idea what Tuesday Morning sold, but I guess I was expecting it to be something akin to Big Lots. (No offense to Big Lots, but the one in Charlottesville was awful…the one time I was there, about 5 years ago.) I now also know that they have a pretty big luggage section, as well as lots of pots and pans and small kitchen appliances. Good to know!

This orange, magenta, maroon, lime, and white striped lady was a 5’x’7′ for only $49.99! (It actually looked a lot bigger than 5’x7′ in person as well as in this picture.) I liked the tight woven texture (it might have been a natural fiber? or I could be completely making that up…) and really liked the fun colors. I could see it in a kitchen or a kids’ play area.

2013-06-18 15.40.08

This next one was hard to photograph, but it was tangerine and white stripes in a tight rectangular pattern. It was 7’6″x9’6″ for only $199.99! Could be really cute in a little boy’s room. Or even interesting in an adult living room with all black and white furniture and accents? Who knows. Orange is a hard color to work with, but I still liked this one.

2013-06-18 15.42.37

I was in LOVE with this next one. It was hard to leave the store without it, even though I have absolutely nowhere to put it, and there’s no way it would have fit in my car. I loved the trellis print in 4 shades of blue. It was another 7’6″x9’6″, but it was priced a bit higher at $299.99.

2013-06-18 15.38.41

After circling back several times to continue rifling through the rugs, I made it over to the opposite side of the store, where it was kind of a hodge-podge of things. I didn’t see all that much that I loved, but I thought these three fuzzy chevron throw blankets were nice and graphic. They were 50″x60″ and $14.99. And really fuzzy.

2013-06-18 15.50.33

So that was it for my Tuesday Morning roundup (on a Tuesday afternoon). I’ll have to remember to head back there when I’m looking for cookware! I’ve been wanting to invest in some new stuff for a while now…

Does anyone else have any awesome Tuesday Morning finds? Any other ideas for ways to use these pieces in your home? 


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