Lunchtime Design: Habitat For Humanity ReStore

Yesterday during my lunch hour, I stopped by the Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity Store. Let’s hope that this will be the inaugural post in a new series called “Lunchtime Design!”

I aim to visit local design/antique/thrift shops in Charlottesville during my lunch break, snap a couple of inspiration photos, and share them!

Yesterday, I saw…

2013-06-12 12.38.54This new Rowe sofa with 4 matching pillows for only $350. It’s got great lines and it’s a nice neutral that I think would work well as a base for any design style. I’d get rid of those coordinating pillows and go with a few of these instead:


Jacqueline Maldonado Water Color Throw Pillow in ‘Kiss of Life’

Next up was this tufted armless chair with an hourglass profile. It was actually a chocolate brown color, but for some reason it’s reading more green-gray in this picture. (I can’t remember the price on this one–sorry!–but I know that if I snapped a picture, it must have been reasonable. I’d say $40 or less. A nearly-identical one is currently on ebay for $130.)

2013-06-12 12.41.52

I think it would be great in a living room as an accent chair/extra seating, but it would be even better (if there were two) as the head-of-the-table chairs for a long dining table. It would also work as an elegant desk chair for a home office! (I didn’t sit in it, so I’m not sure how comfortable it would be as an office chair if you were sitting in it for hours on end.)

Next was this wood pedestal table (for $35?), which I liked because it was simple and not too dinged-up. A lot of the furniture at the Habitat Store has been gently-to-roughly loved, so it’s hard to find a piece there that’s totally pristine. It would work well as a cute little kids’ activity table, since it’s not too tall, and not too big in diameter. For some extra flavor, I’d paint it a bold, glossy color.

2013-06-12 12.47.40

Lastly, I really liked this antique school chair, priced at $20. I think it was marked as a “lecturer’s chair,” but it was probably just one of hundreds of seats in a lecture hall (since the label at the top says “11”). It would have needed a bit of sanding and refinishing to truly restore it, or it could be plopped in a room as-is for a really cool, vintage-y vibe. (I’d also recommend removing the bolts holding the feet of the chair to those 4×4’s, and maybe attaching some felt pads to the bottoms to protect your floors from getting scratched!)

2013-06-12 12.48.57I left the store empty-handed, but now that I’ve got these ideas flowing, I’m really tempted to go back for the sofa and the school chair! I can see putting the chair near a front door to create a sort of “drop-zone” for my purse, scarf, and coat (in the winter), and I think that Elephant and Delilah would enjoy it as a place to perch, as well.

Does anyone else have any awesome Habitat Store finds? Any other ideas for ways to use these pieces in your home? 


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