simple, yet effective

They always say that if you want to be able to run faster, all you have to do is… run faster.


my 'uh, duh!' face

my ‘uh, duh!’ face

After the public shaming that was my May monthly mileage post, I’ve decided to kick it back into high gear with the running! I followed Saturday’s 1.6 miles in the grueling heat with 2.5 easy miles on a treadmill last night, and decided tonight to head back out again! I did a 2 mile tempo* run at my high school’s track, finishing 2 miles in 19:36!

the numbers don't lie

the numbers don’t lie

*to clarify, I subscribe to the notion that a tempo run consists of alternating between comfortably hard and easy paces, over prescribed distances. (in this case, it was fast on the straightaways and slow through the curves of the track.)

This is convincing when contrasted to the fact that my last two timed 2-mile runs were 21:28 and 21:37! And all I had to do was run a little faster!

I read about Devon’s training every day, and the fact that she’s shooting for an 8:58 marathon pace just makes me embarrassed. I prefer the slow and steady approach. (My comfortable pace is about a 10:30 mile). When you run slowly, it doesn’t hurt! But maybe there’s nothing wrong with pushing a little harder and feeling a little pain. That’s how I’m feeling today, at least.

I also got some exciting news today! I’m not quite ready to share, but soon…


4 thoughts on “simple, yet effective

  1. ninamholland says:

    That’s why I started doing Insanity- to build up my endurance and strength when running. So far, so good but we’ll really see when I start running again after my two months are finished.

    Can’t wait to hear your news 🙂

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