summer runnin’, had me a blast

WHEW!!!! It’s officially June 1st, and it’s officially HOT. The heat and humidity have been on full-blast this week here in central Virginia, and I fully remember how much I hate it. (I know, I’ve previously complained that it was too cold. I’m a little picky.)

I went out for a 2-mile run about an hour ago (~9:30am), when my phone said it was 71 degrees. Let me tell you: it was NOT 71 degrees. It was miserable, and I stopped at 1.6 miles (completed in 17:12), because it was just too hot. I got home and checked the weather, which then said 81 degrees and 67% humidity. I don’t believe that that’s right.

Anyway: it’s time for my monthly mileage!

The month of May contained a measly 19.2 miles, 6.2 of which were during the Heart of Virginia 10k. I followed that awesome race with a not-so-awesome week off, and then resumed running with 2 miles two times a week. Not so good, Katie. Not so good.

Since it’s now hot as crap and it’s only going to get hotter, I’m really thinking about some options for exercising this summer. A gym membership? Running at 6am every day instead of in the evening? Quitting? (Not a serious contender.)

How do you keep motivated when the weather heats up?


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