Malfunctioning Wardrobe

This has only been a 4-day week, and it’s been wonderfully short and sweet.

BUT: Every morning this week, I’ve spent a solid 5 minutes just standing in front of my closet and staring hopelessly at its contents. It’s finally gotten [too] warm, and my spring/summer wardrobe isn’t quite up to snuff. (I tried on at least 3 different outfits this morning and yesterday.) I’ve worn basically all of my work-appropriate dresses and skirt/shirt combos in the past four days.

I’ve never been willing to spend much money on clothes. I have a rule that I don’t pay more than $20 for any article of clothing. (I occasionally make an exception for dresses or shoes.) I’d guess that 75% of my clothes are from TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I buy most of my jeans from Old Navy, a few times a year, when they have their $15 jean sale. Most of my shoes are from Target or Payless. I shop the online sales sections at Target and Forever 21. Maybe once a year, I’ll make a trip to Short Pump in Richmond to visit H&M. As you can see, my selection is not very diverse.

I need some advice!

I have two weddings to attend in June, and I need dresses that are semi-formal and yet versatile enough that I can continue to wear them to work and on other occasions.

I’m also seriously lacking in the summertime/work-appropriate shirt department. And dresses. I always love cute and practical multi-purpose dresses.

And shoes. I need new shoes.

To any females in the 20-30 range: where do you buy your clothes? I need new sources for cute things on a budget. Help a sister out!


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