Memorial Day Weekend at the Cabin

P’s family has a cabin on a creek in Southwestern-ish Virginia. A week or so ago, when we realized that we both had Monday off for Memorial Day, I suggested that we spend the long weekend ringing in the summer at the creek! P ran it by his parents, and we were cleared for a weekend getaway.

On Saturday morning, I hit the road for Roanoke, where P met me at his parents’ house. We hopped in his car and drove the half hour or so out to the cabin.

Saturday afternoon we helped his parents open the camp up for the summer, which included unloading all the water paraphenalia (kayaks, lawn chairs, fishing rods, tubes, etc.) from the screened-in porch out to the lawn to be washed off. The porch (and everything on it) was coated in a whole spring season’s worth of pollen, so there was kind of a lot of work to be done. P’s parents bought a power washer, and P and I got put in charge of power washing the entire porch–which turned out to be no minor feat. It took us most of the afternoon and into the evening, as his parents both worked away at various other housekeeping tasks.

Here are 2 of the only 3 pictures I managed to grab of the weekend (apparently I was too busy relaxing to take any more):

the porch in the middle of cleaning

the porch in the middle of power washing + cleaning

the creek!

the creek! (and evidence of cleaning)

On Saturday night, two of P’s best friends from high school came out to spend the night with us, which is when I partook in the drinking of my entire bottle of sparkly and delicious Italian Moscato (purchased here), and the boys drank lots of beer. It was fun to hang out and relax with P and his friends, and we were up just cracking jokes, talking, and playing cards until nearly 4am.

On Sunday, we got up, made breakfast, and P’s family returned to join us for another day at the creek. We had plans to kayak, but it wasn’t as warm as we would have liked, and the water was pretty cold. So we decided to forego the water plans and instead hung out on land all day. I spent most of the day reading magazines and a book in a lawn chair, either creekside or on the porch. P and his friends played a lot of horseshoes and did some more housekeeping-type work. I also took a pretty awesome nap in the early evening.

On Sunday night, we headed back to Roanoke to visit a different set of P’s friends who recently moved to Roanoke together. Before our visit, we stopped by Bruster’s (because I wanted ice cream), and I had the most delicious waffle cone with chocolate chip cookie dough and white chocolate Oreo. (Seriously good stuff. I’d love some more white chocolate Oreo right about now.) We arrived around 10:30pm to check out their apartment (and their pets – a chubby Dachshund, 3 turtles, a Beta fish, and 3 shrimp in a terrarium!) and hung out for an hour or so before feeling wiped out and heading home.

On Monday, we got up and hung out around P’s family’s house. His mom always loves to see him, which I find endearing. I like to visit their house just to see the different dynamics – P is the oldest of 3 boys, and his 2 younger brothers are still at home. I only have one sister, so boys are a different world to me. I feel like I learn something new about them every time I visit, and I’m always impressed by how P’s mom takes their various antics in stride and also manages to hold down the fort all the time.

I hit the road for Charlottesville around 6pm, and arrived at home just in time for the Bachelorette premiere! I watched at a friend’s house, and we kicked off the season by choosing brackets for our own version of Fantasy Bachelorette. It’ll be exciting to see how that unfolds. The losers have to treat the winner to dinner and drinks when it’s all over!

All in all, it was a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Now that I’ve celebrated the official start of summer, I’m starting to really feel the summertime travel bug. I’ve never wanted to drive home and return to work less!


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