Rock Climbing!

On Friday, I took the day off work. My sister graduated (early) from college in December, but has been living in Blacksburg since. She arrived at home on Thursday for what’s quite likely going to be her last summer at home ever again. So I took the day off and we hung out together!

We spent the morning visiting shops I’ve had on my “to-visit” list for a while now. Not really her idea of a good time, but I was glad that she humored me and tagged along. We visited a specialty wine shop (where I bought a seriously yummy bottle of bubbly Italian Moscato for my Memorial Day weekend at the creek – more on that later…) and a series of antique stores before hitting up the hair salon so she could get a haircut mid-afternoon.

On Friday night, we hit up the main attraction. The real reason for my day off work and our sister date was because I bought a LivingSocial deal for indoor rock climbing for two back in January, and it was going to expire on June 4. Since P hasn’t been too excited by the idea, I invited my sister, and she was more than willing! Gotta love the enthusiasm.

So we headed to Rocky Top Climbing Gym at 6:15 (the earliest they would let us come), and geared up. First-time climbers get a lesson with full gear. We had to wear harnesses and learn proper belay techniques. Karen commented that it was a little embarrassing to be the only two people there who weren’t free to fearlessly scale walls at will, but I’m pretty glad we had the ropes (and each other) holding us up.

at the top of one of my first climbs!

at the top of one of my first climbs!

Once I got to the top of my first climb, I almost froze at the top. It wasn’t until I looked down from the ceiling that I remembered that I’m afraid of heights! I had a moment of panic when our instructor told me just to let go of the holds and push away from the wall so that I could fall back down. But somehow I did, and I made it.

I think my sister got the hang of belaying a lot faster than I did. (Her shorts also nicely showcased her toned legs!)

Karen's got the hang of it!

Karen’s got the hang of it!

Dad even came along to watch from the ground and snap some pictures – these are pretty grainy because they’re all from a cell phone. But I’m glad to have some photo evidence of the event!

pausing for a photo op

pausing for a photo op

Karen tackling the big girl wall

Karen tackling the big girl wall

And at the end of the evening, we shed our harnesses and climbed a few easier walls on our own, just to prove to ourselves that we could do it. 🙂

I was sore for about 2 days afterward! It was a lot of fun (and apparently a good workout!). I’d definitely like to go rock climbing again. I had a really lot of fun with my sister and also managed to cross something off my [now super-old] 2012 goals list!


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