5 of my favorite blogs

Day 19 of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge is “Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them.”


I’ve been reading DIY and interior design blogs for a long, long time. I’m an expert blog-reader: it’s the blog-writing that I’m new at! Even though I like to blog about life and my personal adventures, when it comes to reading blogs, I go for design. I’ve only very recently started branching out and discovering that a whole wide world of non-design blogs actually exists!

With that said, these are my all-time favorites.

#1: Young House Love

YHL was the very first blog that I ever started reading, and I still read them every day! (And twice a day on Mondays and Wednesdays!) I first discovered John & Sherry through a news article that was featured on the welcome screen on AOL Instant Messenger (yup, old school) during my senior year of college. I love, love, love the passion and dedication behind their blog, and I’ve always been inspired by the fact that they’ve managed to take their blog and turn it into a full-time business for the two of them. They offer great advice for anyone who wants to tackle a DIY project, and they have fun along the way.

#2: House of Turquoise

I check in on House of Turquoise every evening after work. I love that Erin is able to find new spaces that feature all shades of BLUE every day of the week. It’s gorgeous eye candy. Interior design + blue = a winning combination for me.

#3: Answering Oliver & Dev on Running

Devon used to blog about her life at Answering Oliver, but now has switched over to Tumblr, where she focuses on running. I stumbled upon Answering Oliver once and read her entire archives over the course of the next few days. Devon’s outlook on life and the transformation she went through after college and a breakup really resonated with me, and she’s a seriously inspiring girl. When she quit her job to go on a round-the-world trip last year, I cheered more than I should have for someone I’ve never met. Now I read Dev on Running daily to follow along with her various training cycles. She’s taught me a lot about what it means to set a goal and then go get it–no matter what.

#4: Running off the Reese’s

Cely publishes her posts in the early morning, so reading her daily posts are a part of my morning routine (right after breakfast, before I brush my teeth). I first discovered her blog a few years ago when she was training for a marathon, and I enjoyed following along. Cely is sarcastic and hilarious, and tells the truth about how horrible running (and lots of other things) can be. In the present, she’s settled into a set blogging routine (i.e. certain types of posts on certain days of the week), but I still get a kick out of her daily humor, and actually often rely on her “WTF Wednesday” and “15 Thing Friday” posts as some of my major news sources of the week.

#5: Bower Power

Katie Bower has been blogging for what seems like forever! I actually don’t know whether she or YHL got started first, but they’re both powerhouses for DIY and home design. I like Katie because she’s quirky and funny and not at all embarrassed to let her freak flag fly. She makes grammar and spelling mistakes aplenty, but I really think she has an amazing eye for design and an uncanny ability to re-purpose everyday things in an unexpected way.

Honorable Mentions: Chris Loves Julia, yellow brick home

I’ve been following Chris Loves Julia and yellow brick home for a much shorter time than the rest listed here, but these two girls SERIOUSLY know a thing or two about design. I would LOVE to move in to either of their homes. In terms of design aesthetic, these two have nailed my style on the head. I like to check in on them every so often just to see what they’ve got going on, and they rarely disappoint.


2 thoughts on “5 of my favorite blogs

  1. Jessica says:

    I LOVE young house love too! They are also one of the first blogs i read and admire all of their fab diy ideas! Did you get their book?! Its pretty awesome too!

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