10 things that make me happy

Day 14 of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge is “Ten things that make you really happy.” I like this one, so I’m playing along! (Some of Jenni’s prompts are hard!)


Ten of the many things that make me really happy (in no particular order) are…

1. Rainbows.

2. Elephant & Delilah.

3. Crossing something off my to-do list. No matter how small the thing.

4. Weekends.

5. The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA. (And any animal ever, really.)

6. Reading DIY + design blogs.

7. Exchanging jokes with my dad. And all silly conversations with my dad + my sister. It’s like a secret club that only we’re allowed in.

8. Any sweet, sour, tart, gummy, or chewy candy. Especially: microwaved Sour Patch Kids.

9. Things that are blue.

10. P.

I like this game. 🙂 It’s nice to focus on the little things!


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