8 days off

Taking 8 days off running is a bad idea. I just did 2 miles in 21:28, and it wasn’t fun. The last time I had run before today was during the Heart of Virginia 10k, which feels like it was ages ago.

After the race, I was planning to take Sunday off and then resume running last Monday. But then it rained all day Monday through Wednesday of last week, and I developed a pretty bad cold that started as a sore throat on Monday night, which still hasn’t gone away. For anyone who’s following along, yes, that’s 4 colds since the start of 2013. That’s very unusual for me. I actually felt so crappy on Thursday and Friday that I worked from home both days.

So after 8 days off and 6 days of sickness, I decided that today I should probably get back down to it. I ran 2 very, very slow miles on the gravel track behind the middle school that’s behind my high school. But now I’m back in it, and I feel better. They say it takes three weeks to form a habit. Maybe I’ve finally started to form a new running habit, because I was feeling pretty bad without it last week. That’s a good thing.

Tomorrow night, a coworker invited me to a BodyPump class at her gym. I’ve always wanted to try BodyPump, but have been too intimidated to walk in on my own! So I’m excited about that.

Hopefully I’ll get a few more runs in this week, and I’ll settle on a new training schedule and a few races for the summer months. I want to have a goal in mind. I like to be working toward something.


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