Zeal, or: If Money Were No Object

John and Sherry announced today that they’ve purchased a new house and will be moving in as soon as they sell their current one. My first reaction upon reading their post was jealousy. My second? Anger. And I’m talking inappropriate levels of jealous anger. (How embarrassing, right?!)

I’ve been reading their blog since my senior year of college (so sometime during the fall of 2009 or the spring of 2010), and I’ve always been envious of the incredible lifestyle they’ve been able to build for their family through their blog. When it comes to DIY/design/home improvement blogs, theirs is the biggest there is. It’s what everyone else in that arena aspires to. I’m no exception. (I know, it sounds crazy. Bear with me.)

Although my blog is seriously lacking in DIY and design (duh, I don’t even own a house), that’s what I initially set out for this site to be. I chose my blog’s name because it would allow me to write about the house I eventually buy, as well as my various adventures in my hometown. I’ve written before about how buying my own house has long been my biggest life goal. Well, my reaction to their post today really brought that to the forefront. As soon as I finished digesting their post, I fired off an email to P. Here’s an excerpt:

YHL announced this morning that they bought a new house and I’m so freaking jealous. Like, so jealous that I’m actually mad. I don’t want to work in a job that I hate in order to save up money to buy a house some day… I want to buy a house NOW and have a job that I love and have people read my awesome blog about how I’m fixing my super-awesome beautiful house. GEEZ!!!

I realize that it’s melodramatic, but behind that, there’s some true logic. I’ve been uttering different versions of “I hate my job” for the last 21 months…and ironically, that’s exactly how long I’ve been in the workforce.

I want a house. I want a job that I love. I want enough money to live comfortably and to allow me to do things like travel and build the life of my dreams. (Spoiler: that really wouldn’t require all that much money. I’m a pretty simple girl.)

So that’s where the titular ‘zeal’ comes in.



fervor for a person, cause, or object; eager desire or endeavor; enthusiastic diligence; ardor.

I need to turn my raging jealousy into a zealous effort to get where I want to be – personally, professionally, and… blog-ally? Jealous –> Zealous. Make sense?

I realized today that if money were no object, I’d quit my job in a heartbeat and move to P’s town. (We’ve been in a long-distance relationship since November, and while it’s been an adjustment for us, it hasn’t been horrible.) I’d put a chunk of cash down on a house there and rent out a room or two, so that my mortgage would be mostly (if not completely) covered by my roommates. I’d take a few classes at Longwood – it’s not the most prestigious school in the state, but another Master’s degree couldn’t hurt. I’d live there for a few years, figure out life in a small town, make some personal and professional connections, and try to get involved in the community. (My Master’s degree is in Higher Education, and there are two colleges in Farmville, even if not much else.) Then, after a few years, hopefully P would be ready to move on to another job in another city, and we’d move together. (Obviously, this assumes a few things about the future of our relationship, but it’s what I’d do at this very moment — if money were no object.)

So. That’s that.


7 thoughts on “Zeal, or: If Money Were No Object

  1. djtsmith says:

    Hmmm. You have some serious zealous to do. Jealousy is destructive, so look totally to the zealous life. If that means looking for a different job, then do it. Just don’t quit before landing the “closer to ideal” job. But early in life (before you have lots of responsibilities and ties) is the time to make strides in the direction you want to go! Set a goal and then do things that head in that direction. That’s a bit of free advice from a “married for 40 years”, “happy where I’ve ended up” woman! I really apologize if you didn’t want advice! And sorry if this comment is too long, too! Pretend I was never here! But I felt your pain, and know it won’t always be this way as long as you stay zealous and not jealous!

    • AdventuringAtHome says:

      I appreciate the advice! I’ve had a few experiences lately that have reminded me that I’m still only 24, and I have lots of time to figure out what I want to do and do it. So now I’m just taking some time to figure out exactly what it is that I want to do. Next step is the zealous dedication to getting there!

  2. Jessica says:

    I wish everyone could live like money were no object. I think most of us share the same dreams of owning a house and travelling, living comfortably, working at a job we love. Hopefully you find that job you love and you get to buy your house soon. I’m still working up to my home. 🙂

    Congrats on completing a-z.

    • AdventuringAtHome says:

      Thanks, Jessica! I think this post was a lot of venting, because I truly have a lot to be thankful for. But jealousy reared its ugly head, and I thought it’d be nice to document it and turn it into something positive!

  3. cassmob says:

    There will always be people with better houses, nicer jobs etc etc so it’s “just life”. Focus on finding the sort of job you like, or train for one you think will fit your goals and aspirations. Other things follow from there. Good luck.

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