You Know What?

There’s only one more post in the A to Z Challenge, and I’m kind of relieved. I mean, I’ll be sad and lonely when my posts go back to being read by no one and the comments dwindle down to zero, but right now I’m just tired!

I was exhausted all day at work. I literally drifted in and out of sleep as I sat at my desk writing email. To clients! I couldn’t even tell you what I did with most of my day. Those 8 hours went by in a blur, and I actually left a little early. I’m running in the Heart of Virginia 10k on Saturday morning, so I knew I had a training run to eke out before I could pass out in my bed. I got home and didn’t remotely feel like running, so I decided to make it a nice, slow, easy run. Two miles and done. (I also secretly thought that once I got going, I’d feel better. I was right.)

Two relaxed miles later, I was sweating a bunch and feeling much better. Now I’m watching The Voice and trying to come up with a Z post for tomorrow!

Which brings me back to the point. Today’s letter is Y, which I knew would be challenging. Between my bouts of unconsciousness today at work, I tried to think of Y locations that I’d actually like to visit. I came up with Yorktown, VA; Yonkers, NY; and Yellowstone, and rejected them all.

So now I’ve settled on Yale. I realize that it’s actually located in New Haven, which doesn’t start with Y, but that’s too bad. The only time I’ve ever seen Yale was on the Gossip Girl episode where the crew visited (which I just Googled and learned was actually filmed at Columbia. Great.).

This picture looks a whole lot like Virginia Tech to me. And that’s fine, because I happen to think that my old campus is one of the prettiest there is!

Anyway, Yale it is. I’d just like to take a tour of the campus. That’s all!

(I’d also like to re-watch Gossip Girl from season one to the end. I stopped watching midway through the fifth season and now I want to go back and see how it all ended up going down.)

How was that for a random post?


2 thoughts on “You Know What?

  1. Jenelle says:

    I like random posts. Yale is also where Rory went to school in Gilmore Girls… which is a fun show. 🙂

    I’m really glad the A-Z only lasts a month, too… it was a good time frame, but I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

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