X Marks The Spot

I knew when I chose a travel theme for the A to Z Challenge that ‘X’ would be a tough one. There are plenty of Asian destinations that begin with X, but to tell the truth: I’ve never been remotely interested in visiting Asia. So those are all out.

This challenge has been a lot of fun, not only because it’s forced me to do some real research on the places that I’ve always wanted to visit, but also because there are other bloggers out there who’ve chosen similar themes. That means they’ve done the research for me, and my list has grown!

If I were to create a map of my top travel destinations at this very moment, it might look like this:

I know it’s hard to make it out exactly, but my intentions with those X’s were:

This list might be different if you were to ask me again in a week, or even ten minutes. (I’m actually really surprised that Rome isn’t on there…) But for now, this is what I’m thinking! Does it seem realistic to accomplish within the next two years? Five years? Six months? (I wish!)

To anybody else: What’s on your list right this moment?


7 thoughts on “X Marks The Spot

  1. djtsmith says:

    I would like to go back to Pouch Cove, NFLD, and then to Kangaroo Island in South Australia as a never been there destination. I’d also like to visit Machu Picchu in Peru. But anywhere is fine with me. I’m happy being in my little destination. Many people travel hundreds of miles to get where I am already! I’m pretty content.

  2. tronster says:

    As a NOVA resident and someone who enjoys travel, I like your list and evan share a couple of your destination, Alaska is also on my list of places to see. I found you on the A to Z Challenge.

  3. cassmob says:

    Oh the places I’d go…actually I’ve been lucky and gone to lots of wonderful places but my family history obsession means I keep going back to some. I have to start focusing on my non-FH bucket list! But then there are the places I’ve loved (FH or not!) like Paris, Provence, Tuscany, New York, New England etc etc…..

    Bon Voyage with your travel plans, may all those Xs turn into ticks!

    Pauleen at Tropical Territory
    A to Z 2013

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