Watkins Glen

Today’s A to Z post brings us to another destination that’s on my current real-life travel list.

On January 17, the following email exchange happened between P and me:

P: http://www.budgettravel.com/contest/americas-coolest-small-towns-2013,14/

Read the little blurb on Watkins Glen, NY.

K: FIFTY Rieslings!!!!!!!!!!!!

P: I know.  Maybe we can plan a trip there!

For anyone who didn’t click the link, here’s what I saw when I read the blurb (as instructed):

Watkins Glen

As you can see, it doesn’t actually state “50 Rieslings,” but rather 50 wineries, many of which grow both Riesling and Gewurztraminer (which are, as P pointed out in a later email that first day: “Your favorite and my favorite!”). We’ve been talking about a trip ever since. I searched for places to stay later that night, and I found lots of charming little cabins in the woods, with descriptions boasting their peaceful remoteness and easy access to hiking trails and waterfalls. We’re leaning toward a trip later in the year, and I’m pretty sure this would be a spectacular way to celebrate my 25th birthday in September (hint, hint).

Watkins Glen: wine, waterfalls, and woods. With any luck, we’ll be there in a few months!


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