For today’s A to Z post, I’m planning a road trip!

I had intended to write about Portland as my P destination, and Seattle for my S, and I did write about Juneau to represent my dream of seeing a polar bear in the wild… And since I had planned on doing Vancouver for the letter V, why not roll them all into one and take a road trip through the Pacific Northwest? (It’s my Challenge, after all…)

I’ve never been to Canada, and never really looked into it much, either. But when I saw pictures of the digital orca, I thought, ‘hm, I could put Vancouver on my list.

Pretty cool, right?

I’d like to venture up to the Great White North, home of some pretty cool people: Sarah Richardson, Candice Olson, Alex Trebek, Robin Scherbatsky…

Does anyone have any tips for first-timers in Canada? Any particular Vancouver attractions, hotels, events, or restaurants? 


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