Universal Orlando: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Today’s A to Z post brings us to the letter U. I’ve been looking forward to this one for the whole alphabet.

Um, duh! Universal Orlando: the real most magical place on earth!!

Seriously…whoever designed this theme park was a GENIUS. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is every bookworm’s dream come true. All the reviews say that it’s the best recreation of the books out there.

Where else could I possibly see the magical inside of Hogwarts and stroll the streets of Hogsmeade? I could buy chocolate frogs in Honeydukes, some school robes in Dervish and Banges, try out wands at Ollivanders, and then send a letter from The Owl Post and finish off by drinking some butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks…

All while being surrounded by other awesome Harry Potter fans? When can I visit??

I’m nerding out. I want to go to Florida! (But only as my pathway to England…)

Has anyone been to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Was it freaking awesome?


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