Some Stuff

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to post about Seattle or Savannah for today’s A to Z post. Plus I fully intended to get a head start on the week’s posts last night. But then I didn’t. So now it’s 9:30pm on “S” day, and this is where we are.

I’ve got lots of random things floating around in my head. Here are some of the ones that start with S:

Songs. For whatever reason, these two songs get me pumped and singing along every time they come on the radio (which is quite often these days)…

Shows. Summer is coming, which means it’s almost time for summer TV! I can’t wait for the return of So You Think You Can Dance, Design Star, and The Bachelorette.

Snacks. Truthfully, ‘snacks’ might be a bit of an understatement. The kind of hungry I’ve been getting lately is CRAZY. I normally start to get a little hungry around 10am, eat lunch at noon, and am a little hungry again around 2pm. Sometimes I have a snack at 10 or 2 to tide me over until lunch or dinner, but sometimes I don’t. But lately, I’m not just a little hungry, and it’s never just for a snack. I get ravenous, and I’m usually craving something substantial, like a slab of meat, or an all-you-can-eat buffet. I realize that this probably means I need protein (or even just more food than I’m accustomed to eating), but it’s unusual for me because I’m typically not a big fan of meat. It’s also frustrating because although I’ve kept up my running since the beginning of February, I’m still not seeing any significant changes in my body or my weight.

I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve been considering the Paleo diet, but I really don’t want to part with my beloved carbs. Or sugar in general. But one of the biggest negatives to me has always been the diet’s focus on meats, which no longer seems to be a problem to me, with these uncharacteristic urges. So maybe I should give it a halfhearted try. (Because, let’s be real: I’m not giving up carbs or candy any time soon.)

Shower. I went to my first-ever bridal shower on Saturday, for my sophomore-year roommate. I didn’t know what to expect, and was even a little nervous before I got there, but then it turned out being pretty much as I should have imagined. It’s weird that I’m finally getting to the age where friends are getting married!

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for now. I realize that I haven’t yet posted about my house hunt, but I don’t really have it together enough to do that tonight!


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