You know what? I changed my mind. I wasn’t going to write an A to Z post for the letter N after the bombings at the Boston Marathon yesterday. But the thought of starting this challenge and not finishing it nagged at me.

Let’s go to Music City!

I don’t know what it is about Nashville that appeals to me (I don’t usually like stereotypically “Southern” things, and I’m not the world’s biggest fan of country music), but the thought of this huge, bustling Southern city draws me in.


Best time to visit: April to October, according to Google

Current cost of a plane ticket from Charlottesville (CHO) to Nashville (BNA): $483.10 with taxes (or I could make it an 8-hour road trip!)

For those of you who have visited, what were the highlights of Nashville? Any must-sees? Where’s the best place to hear some live music? Recommendations on hotels, restaurants, museums, events? (Or do you prefer a different location that begins with N?)


3 thoughts on “Nashville

  1. Tara Tyler Robinson (@taratylertalks) says:

    nashville is a beautiful little city!
    and here is my reply about yesterdays tragedy…
    i hate that they replay the gore and screams as well. and you know there will be countless amateur videos posted everywhere. like when kevin ware broke his leg, everyone wanted to see it. what is wrong with society!
    praying for those suffering and for us to teach our children as best we can.
    i appreciate your thoughts.

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