I’ve now made it to the second Saturday of the A to Z Challenge! Two weeks down; two and a third to go!

[Side note: I’ve set this post to publish at 8am, at which time I’ll be in Richmond gearing up for the Ukrop’s 10k! My wave starts at 9:20, and I’ll be back later this weekend with a recap. (Hopefully with photos, this year!)]

Without any futher ado, today’s destination is jolly ol’ London!

I studied abroad in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland, and both my arrival and departure flights were through Heathrow. Unfortunately, the airport is all I’ve seen of London or England.

London is probably my current #1 choice for international travel destinations. I’d love to see the rest of the country as well, but even if I only made it to England’s capital city, I think I’d be just fine! (I work on a team with three British blokes, so I’ve been brushing up on my accent. If nothing else, at least I can understand it! Also: it now occurs to me that those guys are probably the reason that London is so often on my mind.)

England, of course, is the home of two very important cultural phenomena: Harry Potter and the Spice Girls. As a product of the 90’s, each had significant impacts on my personal development. And each is awesome. I’d love to pose at Platform 9-3/4 at King’s Cross Station, as well as take a ride on one of the iconic red double-decker tour buses that I remember seeing all over the city in SpiceWorld.

Aside from those things, my London itinerary also includes:

  • Big Ben
  • the Tower Bridge
  • London Bridge
  • the London Eye
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Buckingham Palace
  • the Globe Theater (or should I say ‘Theatre’?) (to my fellow English majors: holla!)
  • the houses of Parliament
  • the London Zoo
  • Baker Street (home of Sherlock Holmes), Abbey Road (made famous by The Beatles), Fleet Street (home of Sweeney Todd), Cheapside (home of William Thatcher, in A Knight’s Tale)
  • spotting a royal family member

Current cost of a plane ticket from Charlottesville (CHO) to London Heathrow (LHR): $932.68 with taxes.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to start planning NOW.

For those of you who have been, what were the highlights of London? Any recommendations on attractions, hotels, restaurants, museums, events? (Or do you prefer a different destination that begins with L?)


4 thoughts on “London

  1. kate kinsella says:

    London is the best city in the world. Seeing the pictures you’ve included in this post make me homesick 😦
    If you ever get the chance, go! And explore the rest of England. It’s gorgeous and magical and historical and wonderful.

  2. cassmob says:

    Generally I spend time at the archives but last time we spent time touring and it was wonderful!

    We loved the time we spent in London especially the Borough Markets (you can check my post on this if you like)…definitely worth looking at it if you like food.

    I think it’s a place where you could spend ages and still not see everything.

    Pauleen at Tropical Territory
    A to Z 2013

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