K is for…

K. As a girl named Katie, it’s my favorite letter of the alphabet.

I was going to write about Key West for today’s A to Z post, but then I realized that I’m not really all that bothered about going there. It’s kind of a long hike for a beach vacation. If I’m going that far, I’d rather go somewhere Caribbean. (Since this series is about my dream destinations, I don’t feel too guilty saying that.)

I thought about Kodiak, Alaska, but I covered Juneau yesterday.

I considered Kokomo, but then I learned that it’s not actually a tropical destination, but a town in Indiana. The Beach Boys might have stretched the truth a bit with that one.

There are quite a few K destinations. To keep it domestic, we’ve got Kalamazoo, Kansas City, Knoxville, Killeen… but none of them are calling me. If we’re kickin’ it international: Kilmarnoch, Scotland? Kilimanjaro? Kenya? Korea? No, no, no, and no.

I guess I’ll just hang out at home today! (Or I could head down the road to Kings Dominion…)

Have you ever passed up a travel opportunity, because it just didn’t call to you? Is there another, better K destination that I’ve overlooked?


6 thoughts on “K is for…

  1. a passion and a passport says:

    I had a hard time thinking of a k destination too! But then my friend reminded me that I’m going to Kauai this summer (one of the Hawaiian islands!) check out my post! It is by far the prettiest K destination I can think of, and its even domestic!

    • AdventuringAtHome says:

      True! Kauai would have been a good one. But I wrote about Hawaii for H, so I wouldn’t want to double up. Your post was awesome – it definitely helped me plan for MY future visit! 🙂

  2. RobRob says:

    Hi Katie – In the Beach Boys’ defense (because I love the Beach Boys and the song…which is now stuck in my head): There was a Kokomo Island. But, it was named after the song, which was actually named after a bar in Florida. (“In the Florida Keys, there’s a place called Kokomo…”) I guess they never said it was an island, just made us think so by naming all the other islands. Sandals Resort eventually bought the island and now it’s called Sandals Cay.

    I think Katie is a better K word anyway! 🙂

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