A few days before the A to Z Challenge began, I decided that I wanted to participate and that I’d do a travel theme. I quickly jotted down the alphabet, and started filling in location names. J came easily: I wanted to go to Juneau, Alaska.

I love polar bears basically as much as I love elephants. (See also: this other post about elephants.) It’s been a dream of mine for ever to see a polar bear in the wild. For nearly as long, I’ve wanted to go on an Alaskan Cruise, and to go whale-watching.

However, I don’t think I had ever stopped to look at a map before. I found a map marking the range of polar bears in the wild. The red dot is approximately where Juneau is. Oops.

So let’s just call this post a placeholder. I’m sure I’d love to see Juneau (it turns out it’s a port of call on most Alaskan cruises, so perhaps I will), but I’d really prefer some Alaskan wildlife.

And now, for some gratuitous shots of polar bears:

Weirdly, they all remind me of my cats…Particularly that last picture. That’s exactly how my girls fight.

Animals are so freaking cute.


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