4 days til Ukrop’s!

The 2013 Ukrop’s 10k is on Saturday!

Dad and I headed out for our last pre-race long run on Saturday. I had us slated for 5.5 miles, but we decided to add an extra lap! 5.75 miles on the books. On Saturday night, I registered for the Heart of Virginia 10k!

Neither of us has had a working watch during our entire training, so we’ve been relying on one of our cell phone stopwatches to time each run. On Saturday, we used Dad’s phone. When he took it out of his pocket to check our time after one mile, the timer had stopped. Doh. So we headed to WalMart on Sunday and we both bought new watches. Now we’re ready for race day!

We were going to do a quick easy run on Sunday, but neither of us ended up feeling up for it. (At about 5pm, I fell asleep on the couch.) The new HomeGoods in Charlottesville opened on Sunday morning, so we went to check it out instead!

HomeGoods finally comes to Charlottesville!

HomeGoods finally comes to Charlottesville!

The temperature in Charlottesville peaked at a scorching 87 degrees today, which is insane considering that it was snow/sleet/raining under a week ago. My training plan called for 3 fast miles, so we headed to the gym. I guess someone in the apartment complex didn’t get the memo on the weather, because it was stiflingly hot in there. It was tough to eke out the miles, as I was quite literally dripping sweat about a minute in, but I got it done.

nice, right?

nice, right? this doesn’t even capture it.

My training plan calls for 2 more easy miles on Thursday. Then on Friday, Dad and I will head to Richmond!

As I’ve previously mentioned, my goal for the race this year is just to do better than last year. As this is week 10 of training (versus 3 last year), I feel like I’ve done a good job to make that happen. This will be the first race I’ve run in a year, and I’m feeling good and looking forward to Saturday!


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