Georgia Aquarium

I’m kicking off week 2 of the A to Z Challenge with a location that’s actually on my travel to-do list in the next few months!

The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world. Period. At least once a week for several months now, I’ve been asking P “when are we going to Atlanta?!” I’ve set up alerts with Airfare Watchdog for flight alerts from Charlottesville to Atlanta, as well as Richmond to Atlanta. We’re going to get there… and soon! (Until then, you can find me Google-image-searching “Georgia Aquarium” and staring giddily at all the pictures.)

The Georgia Aquarium houses approximately 120,000 animals in over 8 million gallons of water. It’s the only non-Asian aquarium in the world with whale sharks. (The aquarium was designed around the 6.3-million gallon Ocean Voyager whale shark exhibit!)

I’m prepared to arrive when they open and stay until close. I could sit there and stare at the animals for days.

Other exhibits include:

  • the Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest, with Beluga whales, penguins, southern sea otters, and touch pools
  • the Southern Company River Scout, with Piranha, Asian small-clawed otters and American alligators
  • Tropical Diver presented by Southwest, with living corals, thousands of colorful reef fish, and beautiful jellyfish
  • SunTrust Georgia Explorer, which features the loggerhead sea turtle, lionfish, and several touchpools–all residents of the state of Georgia
  • AT&T Dolphin Tales, which is a dolphin performance (as were most children in the mid-90’s, I was obsessed with dolphins through most of elementary school, and wanted nothing more than to be a dolphin trainer when I grew up.)

In searching around on their website, I also discovered that the aquarium offers adult sleepovers… This just keeps getting better and better!

Has anyone been to the Georgia Aquarium? Any other superfans of marine life out there?


9 thoughts on “Georgia Aquarium

  1. Jagoda Perich-Anderson, M.A. says:

    Hi, I’m a superfan of marine life too. I moved to the Pacific NW–Seattle specifically (years ago now–we won’t count them, okay?) because it sits on Puget Sound and the Pacific ocean is a mere drive away. I’m lucky that Seattle has a fabulous! Aquarium. I’ve also been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Both also good. I’ve also been a beach naturalist just for the fun of it. Now, I’ll have to visit the Georgia Aquarium–I didn’t know it was the largest in the world. Thanks for posting about it.
    A to Z buddy, Jagoda, from

  2. shere says:

    I just found you via the AtoZ challenge. If you love dolphins, then nothing better than swimming with wild ones in New Zealand (Bay o islands or Kaikoura) 🙂 for pictures searching I use pinterest

  3. RobRob says:

    You are going to love the Georgia Aquarium! Personally, I’m a sucker for dolphins and otters. They’re just so smart and personable… if that can be applied to an animal. The Aquarium is amazing – so much to see! After your first visit, I’ll bet you’ll be thinking maybe you should schedule a Day Two!

    If you’re a fan of aquariums and sea life, you should also look into the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California – another amazing place… with a new otter exhibit! 🙂

    Have fun in the ATL!

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