12 days til Ukrops 10k!

Dad and I returned to my high school track for another long run on Saturday. We set out for 5 miles, but from the very first step, I was ready to stop. I struggled with literally every single step, my feet and legs were heavy, I’ve never felt more slow, and I wasn’t feeling it mentally. I can’t remember ever feeling that way during a run before. (I’ve felt tired and out of shape, but never so physically and mentally heavy.) It also didn’t help that somehow, we were running into the wind the entire way around the track.

FINALLY, about 3 miles in, something clicked, and I started feeling good. Our final time for 5 miles was something like 55 minutes, so we estimate that our 6.2 mile time will be right around 68 minutes…or 4 minutes faster than last year!! I’m starting to get pretty excited.


Tonight, I headed to the gym for a 3.25mi easy run. I didn’t feel like going at first, but once I was there, it quickly became one of those rare and awesome workouts. I ran it slow and steady, with no pain and no fatigue. I had A Knight’s Tale on TV, and I sweated like crazy. It was one of those runs that helps to remind me how nice it feels to be getting back in shape. Sweating a ton, feeling strong and relaxed and like I could keep going for miles is what it’s all about.


I think it’s time for a recap.

In January, I ran 1 mile on New Year’s Day.

In February, I ran 15.75 miles total.

In March, I kicked off the month by taking over a week off completely, but then came back strong for a total of 27.75 miles.

We’re one day into April, and I’ve started it off with 3.25 miles on the books.


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