which US city should I live in?

I’ve been toying with the notion of picking up and moving for a few months now. Not that I think I would really do it on my own, but it’s still something fun to think about.

I just Googled “which US city should i live in quiz,” and didn’t find anything worthwhile. There was one quiz that was thorough and seemed well-researched, but I got to the end, and of course, was prompted to give them all kinds of personal information in order to set up an account before they would email me my results.

So I took a crappy quiz–one of those that looks like it originated circa 2001–and the results were as follows:

The City That Best Fits You Is Austin!

60% Austin

60% Honolulu

60% Seattle

55% Atlanta

55% Chicago

I think a lot of this was influenced by the fact that several of the questions were about weather, and my answers all fell along the lines of “I HATE THE SNOW AND THE COLD” and “I like to see 4 distinct seasons.” Interesting, though, that Austin and Atlanta are currently on my sometime-soon travel itinerary with P, Seattle and  Hawaii have been longer-term travel goals for quite some time now, and Chicago has also been popping up on my radar quite a bit recently. Hmm…


2 thoughts on “which US city should I live in?

  1. SmartSavvyStyle says:

    I consider myself fairly new to Chicago (3 years). I will say, the winters are terrible, but we really do get 4 seasons, and that is something I really enjoy. In Alabama, I definitely didn’t get that! It was cool, hot, and hotter. 🙂
    – Heather

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