what was that I said about “spring” training?

I was supposed to follow last week’s awesome 4-mile long run with a 4.5 miler this weekend.

Then it was 32-39 degrees today with snow, sleet, and rain in the forecast. All. Day. Long.

Dad dragged me out around 2pm this afternoon, when it was just starting to snow/rain/ice pellet. Yuck. We wanted to do another run outside, so we headed to the track at my old elementary and middle schools. After 2 miles, I was done. (Actually I felt done after 1 lap, but stuck it out for a while longer.) Dad hung in there for 3 miles, but by the time he had finished, it was full-on snowing. And it was cold.

We called it a day, hopped back in the car, and went to the grocery store to grab all the necessities for some delicious spaghetti. Then we went to my grandma’s and cooked dinner for her.

By 6:15, it looked like this outside:

snowfall on Gram's [budding] magnolia tree

snowfall on Gram’s [budding] magnolia tree

It’s MARCH 24TH. The first day of spring was last week! I’m ready for Mother Nature to take the hint.

PS: You can now follow me on Instagram! I added a link over in the right sidebar. (There’s not much going on over there yet, but maybe soon…)


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