St. Patrick’s Day

Yesterday afternoon I ran 4 miles on my high school track. Dad ran with me for 3.25 miles, and I did the rest on my own. It was warm-ish when we started, and then started sprinkling on and off throughout. By the last lap, it was pouring on me, and it was pretty awesome. Normally, I can’t stand getting wet, but this was like a nice cool reward for putting in the work and getting it done.

About an hour later, this happened:

double rainbow!

double rainbow!

I’m still struggling with the same cold I’ve had for almost two weeks now. I was hoping that lots of sleeping, relaxing, and doing nothing this weekend would clear it up, but no dice. I’m still coughing and sniffling and blowing my nose all day long… Hopefully another week and it’ll sort itself out.

(Perhaps it goes without saying, but I didn’t end up running the 5k I had planned for today… I haven’t been training consistently, I’ve been sick, and I never ended up registering. And on top of that, it rained almost all day today. I’m okay with missing it.)


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