spring training… and spring fashion

After a long hiatus, I’ve slowly started running again. (‘Slowly’ describes both my buildup and my speed.) My dad and I are going to run the Ukrop’s 10k again this year, and we’re going to try to do it better than last year. That’s my only goal: to do it ‘better.’ I want to train better (last year I think I did 3 weeks of “training”) and I want to finish faster (last year we ambled across the finish line in 1:12:48).

The reason I stopped running for so long after my (first and only) half marathon in November 2011 is because I think that that race might have done some lasting damage to my left hip. The last stretch of the course was downhill, and I (stupidly) threw myself into it. (I don’t know the actual distance, but I’d guess that it was close to a quarter mile or so.) I pounded down the hill to the finish line, and my hips and knees killed me for the next several days. The pain went away in a few days, and I took a few-week break from running to recover from my months-long training, so I didn’t think much of it. But every time I’ve attempted to ease back into a running routine since then, I’ve been plagued by pretty severe pain in my left hip for a day or so after each run. I know I should probably see a doctor, but I don’t have the best history of keeping up that particular relationship. So I’m taking it slow instead.

I ran twice for a grand total of 2.25 miles in January. I’ve already run 15.75 miles in February. I’m feeling confident.

So this is my training plan. The grayed-out days are complete. Some of the runs will shift in distance and by date, but I intend to stick to something that looks like this:

2013 Ukrops 10k Training

2013 Ukrops 10k Training

I’m going to try a 5k in two and a half weeks, just to get back into the swing of racing. I’ll be running the Fix A Leak Family 5k on St. Patrick’s Day, which is billed as “a trail race on rough terrain.” All of my running thus far has been on a treadmill, because it’s far too cold to run outside. Maybe I’ll try to get one run in outside before then. Either way, I plan to take it extremely slow.

The only crappy part so far is that I wanted to return to running in order to get into better shape. The last time I was running regularly, I peaked at what was probably the best shape of my life. I lost weight (the fatty kind), built muscle, and I really liked how my body looked. This time, I’ve gained about 6 pounds, and I actually see more of what looks like fat around my midsection. Maybe one month is too fast to see real results, but so far I’m feeling a bit defeated. Luckily, it makes me want to try harder. And it feels good to be back in my spandex and V-necks! This Spring, fit is in!

you can't see it, but my head is glistening with sweat!

you can’t see it, but I’m glistening with sweat!

What about you? Any tips for sticking with it? Any favorite training plans or workouts? Is anyone preparing for any spring races? 


4 thoughts on “spring training… and spring fashion

  1. Stacey says:

    I was a runner in high school, and I’ve tried so hard to get back to it in my 30s…but my stubborn knee just doesn’t seem to want to let me! Good luck in your training!!

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