LDR: Week 3

This weekend, P came here! (Yes, for the first time since he moved!) He had a work thing on Friday night in Richmond, so he didn’t get here until Saturday afternoon. We went Christmas shopping and then out to dinner at the Citizen Burger Bar on the downtown mall. As we waited for our reservation, we walked around on the mall and popped in and out of a few stores–much like the ‘good old days’ when we both worked down there. After dinner, we came home to watch TV and relax for a bit, and then headed out (in the cold and the rain) to meet up with one of his grad school classmates at the Biltmore, to catch up over drinks. Today we slept in, had lunch at Jason’s Deli (a new place in Charlottesville that neither of us had been to), and came home to watch the Redskins game before he hit the road.

It’s still not fun being apart, but it’s getting easier. I guess just like any other change, it takes an adjustment period. The good news is that I still feel more happy and more like myself when I’m around him than when we’re apart. It’s definitely worth spending the weekdays physically apart in order to maintain all the other components of our relationship the remainder of the time.


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