an update on parasites

Since I gave the kittens their Advantage on November 30, I’ve seen a huge difference. Elephant’s scabs are 100% cleared up, and I rarely see her scratching. I’ve been vacuuming often because I’m insanely paranoid that there are flea larvae living in my carpet (so gross), but I’ve actually been seeing more adult fleas than I ever saw before. (Before I took Elephant to the vet, I had never seen a single flea and was shocked to hear their diagnosis.) This morning I saw one on the shirt I put on after my shower. I found one on my hand during my drive home from Farmville this weekend. It’s pretty nasty to discover a bloodsucking bug crawling on you. Ugh.

The up side is that at least the Advantage seems to be working: the fleas are everywhere except for the cats, and they haven’t been biting me. I’m hoping that with their food source cut off, they’ll start to die off in massive numbers soon.


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