an experiment in enrichment

I’ve decided to embark upon a personal experiment to attend one local event a week. These events can be anything happening in the Charlottesville community (cultural, educational, entertaining, artistic, social, whatever). Since P has moved away and (I think) I’ve found a job that won’t take over my entire life and destroy my mental health, I need to make a concerted effort to get out of my house and engage with other human beings.

Last night I attended the “Build A Budget” workshop hosted by the UVA Credit Union. I went in hoping to gather a few tips on–get this–building a budget. I don’t think I really learned anything new, but the class did make me feel better overall about my financial situation. I was the youngest person there by a good 15 years, and most of the attendees were middle-aged women. Judging by the types of questions the other people asked and the statements that were made, I’m doing fairly well when it comes to paying down my student loan and tucking most of my money into savings after each paycheck. It made me feel like I’m off to a really strong start, financially speaking.

My goal is still to keep saving until the spring, at which time I’ll have a significant chunk of change to put down on a house. I don’t want to put all my savings down, which is why I don’t want to buy something immediately. (I’m also living for free until August, so it doesn’t make sense to throw too much money away too much earlier than that.)

Today, I got my new IRA application in the mail. I’ll be relieved once I’ve confirmed that my new account is fully functioning before I get my first paycheck on the 15th. With a 3% employer match, I don’t want to throw away even a dollar of free money courtesy of the new company!


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