LDR: Week 1

I thought I’d do a little recap of how my new LDR with P is going.

We both started new jobs last Monday, but we’ve both been able to email throughout the day. I call him every morning to wake him up at 7:30, and I call him every night once I’ve gotten in bed. (I used to wake him up every morning when he was in grad school and I had missed this part of our routine. I’m glad it’s back.)

I drove to Farmville for our first real weekend visit yesterday, and things went well. Last night we went to the one-and-only true bar in town to watch the Alabama v. Georgia SEC Championship game (yuck), and I met P’s coworker/office-mate, as well as two other Farmville-ites (Farmvillians?). P also found a roommate to move in with him for the next 13 weeks, and he moved in yesterday, too. Today we slept in and then ran a few errands around town–first we stopped at Moe’s for lunch, then went to Wal-Mart and Lowe’s, and then located the animal shelter for future visits (hopefully). I hit the road to come back home around 4:30, because I didn’t want to do the drive in the dark. It was a quick visit, but still pretty good.


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