“he who hesitates is last”

Lots of things lately have been giving me life ideas.

At work today, my boss was talking about her daughters. One is 30 and is pregnant with her second child. She worked for AOL and took maternity leave after her first baby, only to return to work for two weeks after her leave ended before being laid off. Now, she writes a fairly successful mommy-blog (I didn’t find out the name, but I’ll try), and some start-up company just offered her $15,000 to run an ad for their new product on her site. So that’s a significant chunk of change on top of whatever other revenue she might have coming in from her blog. My boss’s second daughter, who’s 28, just got engaged and lives and works in Northern Virginia. Apparently she and her fiance have been in serious discussions lately about where they’re going to live and start their family, and they’re thinking about moving to Charlottesville. They’ve also been slowly working on a business together on the side for a while, and now they’re thinking about taking the leap and having one of them quit his/her full-time job in order to get their company off the ground. The best part? The company is for the fruit-based ketchups that they make from scratch, package, and sell.

My vision of my future isn’t concrete, but it’s getting less blurry.


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