After Long Silence

After Long Silence by Helen Fremont

I finished reading After Long Silence by Helen Fremont a few nights ago. I picked it up from the book exchange cabinet at work several months back, and have been reading it in spurts ever since.

The book is a non-fiction account of Helen’s Jewish family, and their personal experiences during the Holocaust. The story jumps back and forth between time periods and across generations, and little pieces are revealed throughout the tale. The premise of the book is that the author’s parents were able to escape WWII Europe after surviving six years of war to raise a family in the United States, all the while completely hiding their Jewish heritage from their children, friends, and acquaintances. In their adulthood, Helen and her sister Lara delve into the family secrets, while carefully navigating their elderly parents’ sensitivities and psychoses.

I really deeply enjoyed the accounts of the narrator’s parents’ struggles and experiences in a Soviet- and German-occupied Poland. I drank up the historical pieces and now I’m craving more knowledge. I’ve never particularly enjoyed non-fiction or historical fiction, but perhaps I’ve evolved. My level of retention from high school history classes is embarrassing, and now I’m desiring to fill in those gaps. I’ll be looking for other books in the historical/biographical/non-fiction realm in the near future.

I also returned to the gym tonight for another two miles!


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