April Update

Updates on “My Revisited List of Goals for 2012”

Either find a job in higher ed, or be happy and have moved up at current job (by July 21–my one-year anniversary at work) — I’ve been actively applying for jobs, either in higher ed or elsewhere in Charlottesville. I accepted a promotion back in March, and since then things at work have become more stressful and decidedly less enjoyable. I’m now responsible for managing three other people, and one of them is truly a nightmare. Every day is a struggle, and I’m getting pretty desperate for a change in situation.

Pay off student loans in their entirety in 2.5 years — This one’s still a high priority. I’d like to be debt-free in 2.5 years so I can buy my first house, which has been my goal since I was about 5 years old.
Start keeping a budget and sticking to it (have $20,000 in savings by end of August) — The second part is still the goal. I haven’t been keeping a budget and don’t intend to start.

Start running again — My dad and I ran for about two weeks in preparation for the Ukrop’s 10k in Richmond on March 31, and since then, I’ve completely stopped again. We slowly jogged the entire thing, which is better than I expected we would do, but I’ve got to find the motivation to start again, because…
Train for and run another half marathon — …I’m planning to schedule two half marathons during the second half of the year, along with another 10k in May and a 5k in June.

Begin blogging once a week at minimum — Obviously this one has been a complete failure, but I’m going to try to start making a real effort. I tend not to want to write anything when the blog doesn’t look the way I want it to, but then I remember that I have no readers anyway… No more excuses.

Learn to enjoy cooking (this includes food prep, cooking, and clean-up) — Since moving, I’ve washed dishes more times than I ever had before in my life. I don’t hate it anymore. However, also since moving, I’ve eaten out more than is excusable. I need to start going to the grocery store, buying healthy foods, and cooking dinner at home.
Read a book at least every other month — I’m actually on track with this one, without meaning to be. I read The Hunger Games last week, and sometime soon I’ll probably start the second one.
Go rock climbing — This is scheduled for April 22!
Make time to shop at Goodwill, the Habitat Store, Craigslist, flea markets, etc. for the purpose of DIYing — This one isn’t such a priority anymore. Since moving into a tiny apartment with no space for storing, DIYing, or displaying anything, this is on hold.
Feel truly HAPPY at least once each and every day — As I alluded to in the career goal above, I’ve been majorly struggling with this one lately. I leave work in a terrible mood every day, and it makes me tired and irritable. I’ve been grumpy, sad, and lethargic, and I need to start dedicating some real effort toward fixing that.

So we’ll see how things go for the next month. Hopefully I’ll be back here before then.


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