2012 Goals: Revised

My Revisited List of Goals for 2012

– Either find a job in higher ed, or be happy and have moved up at current job (by July 21–my one-year anniversary at work)

– Pay off student loans in their entirety in 2.5 years
– Start keeping a budget and sticking to it (have $20,000 in savings by end of August)

– Start running again
– Train for and run another half marathon

– Begin blogging once a week at minimum

– Learn to enjoy cooking (this includes food prep, cooking, and clean-up)
– Read a book at least every other month
– Go rock climbing
– Make time to shop at Goodwill, the Habitat Store, Craigslist, flea markets, etc. for the purpose of DIYing
– Feel truly HAPPY at least once each and every day


I think this is a reasonable place to start. I read two books this weekend, for the first time I can remember since before grad school. That means I haven’t read a book solely for pleasure since before June of 2010.

It’s starting to get warmer, too, and the “P&K List of Funtivities” is growing longer. I’ve always been the type to hibernate through winter; I need a good kick to get me out the door and doing things again now that the days are beginning to get longer.


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