2012 Goals

My 2012 Goals

– Run a sub-30:00 5k
– Run the Charlottesville Half Marathon faster than I ran the Richmond Half (2:09:30)
– Run a 10-miler

– Develop a regular posting schedule for this blog

– Pay off student loans in their entirety in two years (so halfway by end of 2012)
– Buy an investment property

– Do more outdoor activities
– Eat more fruits and veggies
– Consistently weigh 125-130 pounds. Currently I’m consistently between 130-135.
– Take a swim lesson; learn how to properly freestyle; work swimming into workout regimen
– Take a yoga class

Family & Friends
– Talk to Karen on the phone at least once a week
– Spend more time with Mom and Mom’s family
– See cousins more than two or three times this year
– Put in the work that’s required to maintain friendships. It’ll be worth it.

– Either find a job in higher ed, or be happy and have moved up at current job (by end of 2012)


– Learn to enjoy cooking (this includes food prep, cooking, and clean-up)
– Read a book every other month
– Go rock climbing
– Discover a talent or hobby I didn’t know I had (Read: be good at something)
– Move out of Dad’s house
– Make time to shop at Goodwill, the Habitat Store, Craigslist, flea markets, etc. for the purpose of DIYing
– Continue to check-in with myself regularly to take inventory of where I think my life is heading and make sure I feel like I’m staying on track
– Feel truly HAPPY at least once each and every day


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